5 Step Comprehensive Guide to Create Mobile Sites Free of Charge


When you need to create mobile site free of charge, there are many concerns and considerations that you will evaluate as you try different site creation platforms, apps, and software as well as other more traditional creation options. This article will discuss some of these considerations and provide a demonstration of the simplicity and ease of creating a mobile site for free using the trial-evaluation period of a modern site builder platform and how this will likely apply to your business.

Should I build from scratch or Create Mobile Site Free?

It is likely the case that you are not looking to learn fundamentally how to program a website and host website and rather that you want to just find a quick easy convenience solution that will produce a website suitable and responsive to mobile devices and that your customers may use in your local service area.

Therefore, you should prioritize using a website builder or builders that do not have an intimidating user-interface the overwhelming selection of menu options, most of which will not likely be applicable to your needs. Additionally, it is important also, not just for your customer’s experience on your website, but also that, at the end of the day, the website is a business process and we must ensure that it is redundant with multiple layers on processes to support it – no matter how big or small your business may happen to be today.


These steps can be applied to any mobile website builder, regardless of whether you use a service-based or ecommerce website template. They are generally applicable in all software and processes – especially as a form-based website builder.


How to create a mobile site for free?

Step One - Select a Website Template & Register an Account

In this example, using Dazzly, we have selected the Quick & Easy 1 mobile site template to create for free.

Step Two - Input Required Website Fields

a.      Text – simply type it in or use our WSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to add in bold, italics, links, images, video and other content to jazz up your website.

b.      Images – insert images directly from your phone or tablet camera. Dazzly works regardless of whether you’re using iPhone or Android Operating Systems.

c.      Videos – if you prefer, in-place of any image, you may put a video – adding a very unique touch to your website and potentially taking the design and layout to a whole new level.

d.      Generally – only three or fields will be required before you can progress to your first website publish.

In order to create mobile site free you need to enter the required fields, with the Quick & Easy template, these include (but are not limited to): Logo & Colors, Welcome Message, Background Image or Video, Short Message and Contact Section background. All of these fields can be entered from your phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Step Three - Publish & 1st Review

Create mobile site free, within your trial period, by hitting the green ‘Publish’

a.      Takes a minute

b.      Generates a Preview URL which is a responsive website that will display well on your mobile device, regardless of your choice of website template.

c.      Responsive website

d.      Iterative process of re-editing and re-publishing to iterate on and change the website. Keeping everything simple and under control.

Note the loading bar at the header of the mobile device window showing the progress on creating your mobile site.

The following email is received in the Inbox of the email address you registered with, informing you that your mobile site is now available to preview. All taken care of within the limits of a free trial and entirely from your mobile device.

Step Four - Sign Up for Paid Plan

a.      Why Join

b.      Pay Monthly vs Pay Yearly

5.      Launch

a.      Launch on domain with Pay Yearly

b.      Connect to external domain

c.      Register domain with Dazzly

With Dazzly's Pay Monthly or Pay Yearly plans there is an affordable option to launch your mobile site for any business.

The result: