As of Tuesday 17th August 2021, New Zealanders again find themselves in lockdown following the decision by the government to move to Alert Level 4. Without certainty, individual business owners must now reconfigure their itineraries and scramble to cancel or renegotiate various commercial arrangements. If things weren’t difficult enough, we are plagued by the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. A variant with undesirable properties that further complicate issues and add to the uncertainty. We have faced off the alpha variant previously and domestic compliance appears to be high, so how long will it take until we’re moving back to Alert Level 3 and some sense of “normality”? This is the question on every New Zealand business owner’s mind.

While you must stumble ahead with a small amount of light and a lot of uncertainty, it will eventually dawn on you that a natural conclusion is to spend your time on non-operational (or, overhead) activities. How is your record keeping, for operational matters and otherwise? Is there any pen-and-paper activities that you could invest an hour or so looking for a digital equivalent? Hopefully without jumping to turn off the tap entirely, how recently have you reviewed any advertising or marketing activities that your business undertakes (or intends to undertake)?

While the former topics are fun, we will delve deeper into the third point – marketing efforts – how can we make the best use of your lockdown time to further your businesses marketing?

Why did you start your business in the first place? That should be in the forefront of your thoughts when you’re in the early stages of your business. How can we take the answer to that question and your passion for the subject-matter and convey it to potential future customers in a good way? Is your service only supplied to local customers or do you sell products that could potentially be posted to anywhere in the country (or world?)! Think BIG.

For some-time businesses have viewed websites as requiring a large up-front financial cost and unfortunately, as being a high-risk purchase. The perpetuation of this idea has resulted in small businesses putting-off getting a website and larger businesses turning to the most expensive providers when the value from having a web presence in their case may not justify doing so. In the middle, every day New Zealand business owners (small and medium businesses) are being subjected to a large variety of prices and an even larger variety of quality to accommodate. There are very few reputable long-standing providers, especially for websites under $5,000, and with the addition of the subjective nature of design, leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and a general high failure rate of projects in the market.

So why would you bother to create a website during New Zealand’s Level 4 lockdown?

Because of the dazzly difference.

Within one hour of your time, you can sign-up to dazzly and with no obligation at all, build a website by filling out a simple form and providing images and information about your products or services. Our software (see below) was designed and developed entirely by New Zealand programmers and is hosted by an entirely New Zealand team with 100% New Zealand support 24/7. You get access to the entire platform with $0 up-front cost and can have the transparency of building your own website and only need to commit to a small monthly-fee if you’re happy with the website you’ve built.

Dazzly is making all the difference to new, small and medium businesses throughout New Zealand. Why would you be any different? Take an hour out of your lockdown schedule to re-evaluate your business website and the potential it could have when driven with dazzly.

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“I started my business in June of this year and wasn’t sure at all what to do about a website. I spoke with a staff member at Dazzly on a Saturday afternoon and they convinced me that it would be a no-brainer for the type I work I do (home and office cleaning). By Monday morning I had a very large and beautiful website up and running and I have gotten a lot of regular customers that I do cleaning for as a result. I would recommend Dazzly because they’re kind and down-to-earth and I like to support kiwi businesses.”

-         Diana, Diana’s Cleaning Service, Palmerston North

As the founders of Dazzly website builder, Marcus and I ask that you take one-hour out of your day and evaluate our platform and see how fast you can make a fantastic website with dazzly. No IT or design skills required, simply enter your business information and some images and watch our software do the magic. Used by Kiwis all across Aotearoa to successfully generate sales leads and product enquiries online.

We hope you enjoy using our platform and look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your business.

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