Direct To Consumer (D2C) Websites

Popular television series such as Shark Tank have brought the adventure of creating and growing a start-up business to mainstream audiences that otherwise weren’t inclined towards starting businesses. People are captivated by the variety of services, technologies and products that are being created by everyday people to solve problems or they’ve encountered in their personal lives, work, and hobbies. This article will discuss the product focused businesses that sell, typically via online channels, direct to consumers through their website, and this business model is graspable and financially attainable for individuals that are looking for alternative ways of working.

The term “direct to consumer” was originally used to refer to marketing that directly targeted the end customer of the product. Examples of this were found in the book Ogilvy on Advertising, where a chapter is devoted to this entire marketing scenario. Methods such as direct mailing advertisements and late-night direct phone-in campaigns are discussed as viable methods to encourage direct and immediate prompting of the customer to purchase.

This technique is favourable when applied to the website of websites and eCommerce, as demonstrated by numerous businesses that have successfully driven revenues for their products via online advertising, website SEO and social media. The content they produce drives traffic to their website to secure purchases for their products. Having a website that is setup for direct to consumer purchases is key to be successful in the world of product-based businesses.

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When creating a direct-to-consumer website, you need to consider the most important benefits of your product to the customer. If you designed, engineered, and nurtured your product through many iterations, then it is highly likely that you will look at, and appreciate aspects of the product more deeply than your customer. In short, it would pay to find a few potential customers appropriate demographic people and kindly request that they sample your product free of charge and in return they can provide you with feedback. It could be eye opening.

Once you’ve written down the four most important benefits of the product, in words that the consumer would use and relate to, then you ensure these points are visible as soon as people land on your website to raise their interest in purchasing the product or making an inquiry.

With a straight-forward website template such as eCommerce Store 2, you will be able to seamlessly guide the user to their desired product, where they can choose how many to add to their cart, and make payment via PayPal or credit-card with ease. This experience is direct-to-consumer because it has captured the consumers attention, targeting them directly, and give them a very easy way to convert and complete their desired purchase.

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The website design and architecture is another aspect of the website creation process that needs to be considered. Most direct to consumer websites employ a design that looks modern and professional, to build up that subconscious first impression of their brand, but also a design that isn’t distracting from the primary purpose (to convert the potential customer into a purchaser). It is also important to design a variety of banner advertisements to follow the website visitor and to display on other websites in-order to convince them to return and complete their purchase (re-marketing advertising).

Regarding the website architecture, it is always important to use quality website hosting for any website that you want to achieve high organic rank for your specific niche product or service (this should be the goal of any website). This website architecture and networks need to be provisioned to support many concurrent devices using the website, from many different locations in the world, and on a variety of devices (not just desktops and laptops). In-order to correctly represent the value opportunity to the end-customer its essential that you have a strong website builder architecture that can rapidly deliver the content of your website and uphold that excellent experience and first impression you want people to have. Having a mobile website building platform is key.

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One very important aspect of direct to consumer website architecture is that you use a content distribution network (CDN), this ensures that the above requirements will be met as the content of your website will not have to travel nearly as far to reach the device of the consumer. By having a content distribution network for your website your content will be stored in most major cities around the globe, greatly reducing the delivery times of your website to the final device. For websites that use our video background feature, this piece of website architecture is essential to getting the desired direct to consumer website experience.

If you want to make one of the most successful direct to consumer websites then we hope you start your journey with dazzly – we’re start-up friendly and welcome all questions and enquiries that you may have.