/ Support / FAQ / My Website Preview Isn't Working

So you've entered the Required Fields and you've gone to view your website - but something has gone wrong - and there is either no preview available, or the preview that you are seeing seems "old" and not reflecting the latest information you've entered?

Don't panic. There are many causes for this and all of the fixes are very simple.

If you are seeing no preview website at all, or a preview website containing latin text ("Lorem Ipsum..") this simply means that you have not yet clicked the green button Publish Preview within Dazzly (https://app.dazzly.co.nz). Please log back in, go to the Website menu, click 'Publish Preview' and then wait for the loading bar to complete, then you can view your website by clicking the yellow button 'View Preview' on the left hand side.

However, if you can already see the 'View Website' (yellow button) but the website isn't displaying correctly, or is showing old information, the next thing you can do is follows:

  1. Refresh the Website Preview page
  2. On https://yourpreviewwebsite.dazzlysite.co.nz - you can press the F5 key to refresh the page.
  3. Hard-Refresh the Website Preview page:
  4. Hold CTRL and press the F5 key to do a 'hard refresh' - forced refresh to see the latest changes.
  5. Re-save your website changes
  6. You may have forgotten to click the blue 'Save Changes' on the part of the website you were changing, please double check this and even refer to the Website Log to check as well if unsure.
  7. Re-publish your website
  8. You may have forgotten to click the 'Publish Preview' (green button) please click this and let the website preview publish then click the yellow 'View Website' button the left-hand side of the screen.

If you have tried all of the above and your website is still not working, you can clear your internet history by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+DEL keys in Google Chrome (please note that you may have to re-login to Dazzly and other website logins if you do this) but it also clears out your entire internet history so it can load a fresh copy of your preview website the next time you click 'View Preview'.

If you're still experiencing issues or are generally unsure about any of the above - do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0800 122 090 or support@dazzly.co.nz who can assist you with this and look into any issues you're experiencing.