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From cards payments and PayPal to currencies and inventory, this checklist will cover the most important tasks to do before launching your Ecommerce website to the world.

time required 15-30 minutes

  1. Connecting with Stripe

    Stripe is a large and reputable payments processor which we integrate with here at Dazzly. Connecting your website with Stripe via Dazzly will let you accept many different card payments (among others) directly to your New Zealand Bank account.

    After joining up to one of Dazzly's paid plans, go to the Ecommerce page, select 'Receive Payments' and then tap/click the Connect button. This will take you to a Stripe page where you can enter the information required to set up your account. They may ask for various business details and personal identification. Once you have completed this, you will be taken back to Dazzly.

    connect dazzly with stripe screenshot
    Select the 'Receive Payments' option and then the Connect button.
  2. Enable Afterpay (optional)

    Once you've connected to Stripe from the step above, you can choose to enable Afterpay at the checkout. You do not need a separate Afterpay account for this.Afterpay is only available for a certain range of business categories. You can learn more about Dazzly's integration with Afterpay here.

    enable afterpay with dazzly screenshot
    After connecting to Stripe and if your business is eligible, you enable or disable Afterpay at the checkout.
  3. Enable PayPal (optional)

    If you would like to allow your customers to pay using PayPal, please follow this guide to show you how to integrate your PayPal business account with Dazzly.

    enable paypal with dazzly screenshot
    Follow the guide to obtain your Client Id, Secret and Webhook Id.
  4. Set up delivery options

    Select 'Shipping & Delivery' to bring up the shipping options screen. Here you can enter a label e.g. North Island and flat rate cost of 10 and then click 'Add Delivery Option'. You can add as many of these as you need. Prices are in your selected currency. For free shipping or if your product is digital, you can use 0 for the cost/rate.

    configure shipping options screenshot
    Enter a label and a cost and then press the Add delivery option button.
  5. Check inventory/stock

    You can set the current stock/inventory on a per product basis. For each Product you have created, set the correct inventory settings. For products that have stock tracking enabled, stock quantities will be automatically updated upon successful purchases/orders. Otherwise you can simply select whether the product is In Stock or Out of Stock.

    Note: if a product is at 0 stock or is set to Out of Stock then the product will not be allowed to be added to the shopping cart.

    set product inventory status screenshot
    You can choose to enable or disable stock tracking.
    stock tracking enabled screenshot
    With stock tracking enabled, you can update the current stock quantity.
    stock tracking disabled screenshot
    When disabled, simply choose either In Stock or Out of Stock.
  6. Check your Tax and Currency settings

    Select 'Tax & Currency' and choose from the dropdown menu of supported currencies. This will set the currency for your price labels, shipping/delivery, order information and ecommerce payments.

    If you want your orders to include tax, you can select a country, enter a label/name and enter the % rate. Click/tap 'Add Tax Rate' to save the tax rate.

    tax/currency settings in dazzly screenshot
    Enter in your Tax and Currency details, make sure to then publish your website to enable these settings.
  7. Check your terms and privacy pages

    It's usually a good idea to add your terms and privacy policies to your website so your customers can see information regarding returns, shipping, customer data processing etc. If you do not yet have a terms & conditions and/or privacy policy, you can often find boilerplate or generated policies online, sometimes at little to no cost. It might also pay to obtain some legal advice for your situation.

    screenshot outlining terms and privacy pages within dazzly
    Add a terms and privacy policy to your website. These links will appear in the footer.
  8. Configure other payment options

    You can also configure other payment options such as cash payments (pickup only) and bank transfer.

    set up cash payment options screenshot
    Select 'Enable Cash Payments' and enter in a message/instructions, e.g. Bring order reference and Id.
    set up bank transfer options screenshot
    Select 'Enable Bank Transfer' and enter in your bank payment details, e.g. Bank number: 00-000000000-00, include order reference/name.
  9. Check your Products/Categories

    Do a quick once-over of your products and categories, make sure the prices, variations, inventory, descriptions and images are all correct.

  10. Do a test purchase

    After everything is set up and ready (and your website published), pretend you're a customer and process a checkout order (including payment). Make sure you can see the Order show up in the orders table and that it is as you expect. The initial payment can sometimes take up to 5 working days to show in your bank statement, however subsequent payments should take roughly 1-3 days.

    Well done! Your ecommerce website is now ready to go live on a domain (if you haven't already).