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This step-by-step guide will show you how to add PayPal to your Dazzly Ecommerce Website. You will need to have an account with PayPal to begin. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, please visit PayPal to create one.

time required 5-10 minutes

paypal account types and eligibility
Note: You must have a 'Business Account' in order to receive payments via PayPal.
  1. Browse to the PayPal Developer web page

    Firstly, login to PayPal by clicking the blue 'Log into Dashboard' button at the top right of the page.

    paypal developer home page
    PayPal Developer website home page.
  2. Sign-in to your PayPal account

    Log into PayPal using your account details.

    paypal login screen
    PayPal Login form
  3. My Apps & Credentials

    Once logged in it should take you to the 'My Apps & Credentials' page within the PayPal Developer Dashboard. By default, 'Sandbox' mode is enabled as shown with the blue button at the top. Click the 'Live' button as outlined in red to switch to 'Live' mode.

    paypal developer dashboard
    PayPal Developer Dashboard
  4. Switch to Live mode

    After clicking the 'Live' button, select the 'App' to use. By default there is a 'Activation_App' created, you can use this or you can create a new 'App' e.g. my_website_checkout. Click the App as outlined in red.

    paypal app and creds live mode
    Switch from Sandbox to Live mode
  5. Live API Credentials - Client ID

    This should bring up a section called 'LIVE API CREDENTIALS'. Click the 'Show' button under Secret, as outlined in red.

    paypal live api credentials section
    This shows your PayPal account and Client ID.
  6. Live API Credentials - Secret

    You should now be able to see your 'Client ID' and 'Secret'.

    paypal live api secret
    Clicking 'Show' under Secret will show the Secret.
  7. Update PayPal settings within Dazzly

    Within Dazzly, Select the Ecommerce menu, then 'Receive Payments' and then 'PayPal'. Copy your 'Client ID' and 'Secret' from the previous step into the 'App Client ID' and 'App Secret' fields in Dazzly.

    paypal creds to dazzly
    Copy the Client ID and Secret from PayPal over to Dazzly.
  8. Create a Webhook

    Back in the PayPal Developer dashboard, scroll down to the 'LIVE WEBHOOKS' section. Enter https://api.prod.dazzly.co/integrations/paypal/webhooks into the 'Webhook URL' field.

    Note: A Webhook is a way to help PayPal communicate with Dazzly.

    paypal live webhooks
    Create a Webhook, start by entering the Webhook URL.
  9. Select the Webhook event

    Scroll down the list of 'Event types' to find 'Checkout order approved'. Select this checkbox.

    paypal checkout order approved webhook
    Select the event: 'Checkout order approved'.
  10. Save

    Scroll to the bottom of the list and click 'Save'

    paypal webhooks save
    Click Save at the bottom to create the Webhook.
  11. Get the Webhook ID

    Once saved, it should show the 'Webhook' with a 'Webhook ID'.

    paypal webhook id
    After clicking Save, the new Webhook should show the 'Webhook ID'.
  12. Save PayPal settings in Dazzly

    Copy the 'Webhook ID' from the previous step into the last field in Dazzly. As shown outlined in red. Click 'Save'.

    paypal webhook into dazzly
    Copy the 'Webhook ID' into the Dazzly 'Webhook' field.
  13. Publish

    Don't forget to hit 'Publish' to update your website. After Publishing, PayPal should then be available as a checkout option.

    Remember to Publish after making changes.