Are you a small accounting business that needs a website? Look no further.

The following article will discuss how our software can solve the hassles that accounting practitioners or small firms of accountant’s face when attempting to obtain website services for their small business.

It may be the case that you’re working as a sole practitioner, or otherwise you may be in a partnership with other local accountants, either way, in these times you cannot be without a website. At some level you already understand this, because you’ve begun your journey by searching for this article. Even if, at a conscious level, it is just ‘out of curiosity’.

Have you ever wondered why other small businesses dedicate some amount of time and resources towards their website and online presence? The reason is simple, it pays to.

Small accounting businesses benefit from having websites for many reasons. Here are three:

The first, is that it provides an easily accessible location for you to provide basic contact information for your accountancy practice. Secondly, it presents a fantastic visual image of your business, providing a professional first impression that correctly represents and reinforces your brand. Third, it presents a static point of contact (a contact form) for customers, whom in the first instance, would prefer to communicate by writing rather than speaking. This is a particular relevant point for small accounting business websites because the enquiries or introduction message will often involve providing detailed information and having the opportunity to write and review it in text has obvious advantages.

The entire exercise of getting an accounting website for your small business isn’t solely commercially focused on leads and reputation. By regularly writing short articles, you can share your thoughts, or the thoughts of your fellow colleagues and partners, on developing issues in the accounting and tax industry, as well as insights on proposed legislation, regulatory changes, or other happenings of interest to your clients (current or prospective). This will help raise your presence in local search results, which is important, because people typically tend to like to use accounting service providers that are located close to them.

In addition to using a modern accounting software such as Xero or Intuit to manage your client accounts, a visually strong website will also having you look technically sound too.

So, if you need an accounting website for your small business – look no further than Dazzly website builder. Many accountants have created their small business websites with Dazzly and are enjoying the benefits of doing so.

What template is best for your small business accounting website?

We highly recommend our Service Warrior 2 template as it has many features including individual service pages, the ability to publish articles, custom page creation as well as a customisable about page, making it perfect for the consulting or local accounting firm website design layout.

Simply snap off some photos of yourself and/or your colleagues looking your best, and sign up for Dazzly today (, upload your photos, do some quick writing, and you’ll have a website preview published in no time!

In conclusion, there are many benefits to having a website and there is no excuse not to get your accounting website created for your small business with Dazzly today!