This talk was presented by Ayesha Nishat of Digital Boost NZ ( around the case study customer Peninsular Builders and therefore a 'Service Content Structure' is recommended as a start-point and is built-upon through the presentation.

The talk is aimed at small businesses who have no prior experience building websites and includes anecdotes and tips from his experience consulting with many businesses across New Zealand. After the theoretical portion is covered then the second half features a live demonstration of creating an 8-page website using dazzlywebsite builder in-order to implement the 'Service Content Structure' discussed. The talk concludes with audience questions and some finishing remarks.

Digital Boost NZ is an excellent initiative and we hope that many New Zealand businesses can join this programme and take advantage of the knowledge and skills that are being shared by other businesses here.

dazzly website builder is a New Zealand owned and operated business helping many businesses get a website online in minutes (or usually over the course of an afternoon or weekend) using their super-easy tool. It is so simple, anyone can do it. dazzly has options for eCommerce, Service businesses, Sole traders and everything in-between - if you are looking to get a website for your business then do not go past dazzly as a local New Zealand option that is saving people time, hassle and thousands of dollars. The entire service is only for one small monthly fee.

The demonstration used dazzly's Service Warrior 2 Template as discussed it is entirely free to sign-up and build a website with dazzly, no up-front credit card or commitment required - only when you're happy with the website can you choose to join as a paid subscriber to the service.

Link - Great eCommerce website template

Link - Great single-page website template

We offer NZ-based support - +6448905789 or so please get in touch to discuss your individual business situation and we'll provide free advice and hand-holding as you use dazzly website builder to get your business website to a better place.