Whether we're on the road visiting a customer or looking out the window from our office, we see a large number of vans for electricians, builders, plumbers, consultants and other trades that have either little or no branding except for displaying their business name.

Often this signage is accompanied by a gmail or hotmail email address.

What first impression does that give?

Potential customers that see your vehicle will judge a book by its cover and it really pays to take the time to think about the values that are most important to your business, and what you actually deliver, written in terms that your customer will understand.

Doing an entire vehicle wrap for a van can be expensive but taking some time out to build yourself a high-quality website with the dazzly website builder will cost you very little.

Even if you don't NEED a website, make sure your business and brand are correctly represented with a great quality website - and then use your vehicle to direct people to view it.

Tradies work hard every day and having a good quality website to correctly represent the good quality, hard work that you do is essential.

Check out dazzly websites today and see what all the fuss is about - www.dazzly.co

We can also sort you out a professional looking email address and a nicely designed email signature.