In the era of digital marketing, visibility is the name of the game. Today, we introduce you to the ways Dazzly can help you optimise your on-page SEO, ensuring your website doesn't just look good but performs well too.

Whenever you create a website with Dazzly, the platform goes the extra mile for you by incorporating extensive SEO-friendly features. Among these features are sitemaps and robots.txt files, two critical components that guide search engines through your site’s structure and content.

Dazzly automatically generates your sitemap, essentially a document that lists and prioritises all important pages on your site. This helps search engine crawlers understand your site's architecture, subsequently improving your search engine rankings.

Simultaneously, Dazzly creates a robots.txt file. This is a crucial signal to search engine robots that tells to skip certain files, folders, or sections of your site that are not meant for indexing, such as admin or private sections, preventing them from appearing in the public search results.

Secondly, Dazzly attends to website files optimisation. Through the latest in content optimisation technologies, Dazzly ensures your website is lightweight and super-fast, contributing to a better user experience and scoring a higher rank in search results. Furthermore, Dazzly implements pre-rendering and caching. These mechanisms help your web pages to load quickly, improving user engagement and reducing bounce rate.

To boost your website visuals’ SEO value, Dazzly incorporates image alt tags. These are texts that describe what your images contain and their purpose on your site. By doing this, Dazzly is making your website accessible to visually impaired users while simultaneously informing search engine crawlers about what the image represents, further supporting your SEO initiatives.

In terms of content, Dazzly packs a punch with page titles and meta descriptions. These are compelling snippets of information shown in the search results to tell users what to expect when they click on your website. With Dazzly's AI-powered content generation, you can expect relevant and engaging meta descriptions and titles- an undeniably influential factor in Search Engine Result Page's (SERP) click-through rates.

Finally, yet importantly, Dazzly places a high emphasis on accessibility standards. A website that is inaccessible not only loses potential customers but may also receive lower rankings by search engines if it doesn't comply with the set standards. Dazzly ensures your website is made accessible for all, as the data you feed into the builder is organised properly with the right tags to promote easy navigation for all users.

Remember, SEO isn't simply about making your website visible to search engines; it's about making it better for people too. As search engines become more sophisticated, they can gauge and rank the user experience your website offers. So, a high-quality, user-friendly website is paramount. Thankfully, Dazzly encapsulates this notion.

To summarise, with Dazzly's automatic incorporation of sitemaps, robots.txt, website files optimisation, image alt tags, page titles, meta descriptions, pre-rendering, caching and accessibility standards, the platform not only makes building a website easier but also sets you up for excellent SEO performance. Be seen and heard on the vast expanse of the internet with Dazzly- Your SEO-friendly website builder.

So, if you're eager to ensure high visibility in search engine results and offer your visitors a seamless, fast, and accessible website, Dazzly is your go-to website builder, helping your enterprise rise above the digital noise.