Our customer had just started their business and came to us with a $300.00 budget.

Typically, that would not go far, so an innovative approach was decided.

Having assessed our client's competitors and how they acquire business, we knew that contacting a few specific companies would be the path of least resistance to generating some initial leads for work.

With as little budget as possible, we established a single-page static website for this customer. It was straight to the point, in-fact it only contained a single sentence, that he was skilled, reliable, and available for immediate contracts. A suitable graphic was added to accompany it.

The page contained a form which enabled the target customers to return a document to him; in this case a tender, in a quick and simple way.

Our customer then started making short phone calls to each of his target customers and directed them to his website.

By the end of a single week he had received multiple offers for work and established enough contacts to tentatively fill his schedule for the next half of the year.

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