Website Design in Somerset, New Jersey in 2022


The pandemic has been difficult for many businesses across the USA, and those in New Jersey (NJ) did not go unaffected. In this article, we will discuss what web design considerations are important when seeking to create a website for your business. We will use the example of James Maher of Somerset who owns a construction supplies ecommerce businesses that he manages from his mobile phone with Dazzly.


Normally, when looking to get a website design in Somerset, you need to consider who are the most reliable website designers near you, what other options exist, and how cost-effective are they? It is no secret that the local economy is experiencing difficulties (in-fact, in June 2022, the time of writing, this is almost universal). John elaborates on his first-hand experience; “I talk with a lot of different tradesmen in Somerset, and everyone is talking about the difficult times we’re experiencing. There is still work on, but not as many jobs as before”.


In addition to considering the reputation and quality of your local website providers, you also need to consider if any online service or ecommerce website maker would be more cost-efficient, particularly in these hard times. To be frank, it is very difficult for any non-website professional to assess, beyond the immediate visual impression and usability of the example websites, how technically competent any Somerset based website design would be. In fairness, no-one knows how well a website will rank on search engines or what local visibility or leads it can garner before it is launched, however, it is best, as with any business decision, that you invest your limited marketing budget into a website option that has the highest chance of success to work.


So what website design option is best in Somerset in 2022?

Not withstanding our personal biases, we genuinely believe that the best option no matter where you are in the USA, including Somerset, New Jersey, is to create a website using the Dazzly website builder. For only one low monthly fee, affordable by any business at any stage of growth, you will be able to gain the confidence to create and maintain your own website through our extremely easy to use interface. Don’t have a broadband or local ADSL internet connection? We understand that many American households don’t [1]. You needn’t worry – our website design software tool is 100% mobile-friendly and capable.


Is Dazzly a more affordable website design option in Somerset, New Jersey?

When you compare outlaying an initial lump-sum payment of between USD$5,000 – USD$50,000 for an ecommerce website [2] it is extremely expensive for any business, regardless of how long ago you were formed or how many staff that you have. With Dazzly, the difference is huge, you only have to make one monthly payment or can pay annually (with a discount). We also can register and renew your domain and take care of your custom email hosting needs too – all of this – for far less than the initial outlay on the website design of other providers (let alone the on-going website hosting costs).


Shouldn’t I seek out a website design near me instead of using a online builder?

Traditionally it may have made more sense to seek our a local option, and you can still shop around and speak to them. But the truth is that the website design world has moved on and you’ll find that automated website builder tools provider far more value for money and technical competency than local website developer options. The great thing with Dazzly is, they also include excellent technical support, so you’re not losing out on the human factor either.

As a tradesmen in Somerset, why in particular do I need a website design?

Tradesmen really like to do their website designs with Dazzly. The main reason for this is, as with the above example, is that it is a cost-effective method to get a local, professional website presence, and start to generate work leads, without a large up-front cost. John recommends Dazzly as the best website builder for tradesmen.


How is Dazzly related to Somerset, New Jersey?

We’re not going to overstate our presence. We don’t have a local office in Somerset, New Jersey like some of the competition, and our website builder was originally made in New Zealand, but USA is our primary market and focus and we hope that we can help some initial businesses in Somerset, New Jersey before branching our website design services out further.


We hope that you will give our kiwi innovation a chance. In order to try use this to solve your website design woes you simply need to sign up for a free 14-day trial at our website – and click ‘Create a Website’ and choose the website template for you.



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