When you build a website with dazzly, you get the result that day, and take no risk in the entire process.

" I've made my career in making websites easier for businesses since 2013 - and now you can do it yourself. "

How is dazzly able to deliver a result so superior to their competitors?

Simple - they have been putting the customer first since day one.

"An dazzly website incorporates the level of quality and technical features you would traditionally pay thousands for - but why should you?". This is the question that dazzly founder and technical expert Marcus Feeney asked himself "when technology has progressed over the years to allow you to put together a website design, live, in your home or office - and then publish it online yourself!".

With the dazzly website maker you really see the difference - and it's not just the speed of the website, or the ease of putting it online, it is also in the attention to detail and consideration that has been put into the customer experience. A commitment to keeping it simple is evident, and pains have been taken to save you the trouble of locating custom photos and icons at your time and expense.

So why would you consider using dazzly over other providers? Here are the five most frequent benefits that our customers shared with us:


Ability to create and update the website yourself

"With our old website we had to wait days for our website provider to respond to our emails, and then face additional time waiting for the update to get done. With dazzly we can update the website ourselves faster than I could have written to our older provider."

"With our Wordpress website we couldn't figure out how to get logged in, let alone be updating the home message ourselves."

In contrast, the dazzly platform is engineered for ease and it is clear that there has been a great deal of thought and consideration invested in making it easy to make those day-to-day or monthly website changes you wish you could make.

The website is complete and without errors

"The dazzly website creator actually works! In the past we would find that our website was offline or unavailable - and we never got a reliable explanation from our technician as to why."

"When we moved to dazzly we took the time to triple-check every link and page because our old website would spontaneously throw errors 'out of the blue' - but this has never been the case with enchant - it is OK every time - so now I needn't worry."

It looks great and loads fast, saving time and money

"We sell to architects across the country. When we sat down with a key account manager to collect feedback on our services he highlighted a major point of difference in our post-sales support, the great quality and responsiveness of our dazzly website - even in remote locations where he meets his customers."

"In the past we invested over $10,000.00 on a website and ended up with an unreasonable design and poor loading speeds; we think they put every customer on the same machine. With dazzly we spent a few hours of our time and got a better deal. Thank you."

The support is just better

"We were sick and tired of being introduced to an account manager with a new name every meeting."

"The dazzly is so user friendly and well designed that we haven't needed to spend time solving problems and catching up. The team at dazzly respect my time."

A website we can take pride in

"In the past we never gave much thought to our business website, now it is a point of discussion at our monthly meetings, and a point of growing importance."

"We never talked about our website until we got hold of an dazzly website. Now we make sure the website address is on all of our documents and invoices - right next to our phone number."


If you have any website creation woes, save yourself the time and hassle by trying out dazzly right now. No matter your level of skill or confidence, our promise is that you can build and launch a website in less time than it took you to read this article.

"If you are even slightly intrigued by the above, I personally would like to invite you to spend a few minutes of your precious time, that is really all it will take, to build a website with dazzly and take the first steps to improving how your business manages its website. I've made my career in making websites easier for businesses since 2013 - and now you can do it yourself."

- Lewis Anderson, co-founder of dazzly websites