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Dazzly integrates with Afterpay via Stripe. For more information on how to connect to Stripe view our video.

time required 10-15 minutes

If you haven't already, please make sure you have signed up to a monthly or annual plan in order to proceed with enabling Afterpay. View the support page or pricing page for more information.

  1. Checking Eligibility

    You are eligible to enable Afterpay within Dazzly if:

    • You're located within New Zealand
    • You sell physical products or eligibile products (refer to Afterpay's reference https://stripe.com/docs/payments/afterpay-clearpay for prohibited items)
    • You've completed your Stripe payment processor setup within Dazzly
    • You're on a Dazzly paid plan

    It is important that any prices or fees in your online store are in the same local currency as the country your Stripe account relates to. If you're a merchant with a New Zealand Stripe account and you set your online store currency to USD, using Afterpay isn't possible.

    In order to enable Afterpay you must meet the eligibility criteria set out by Stripe. Dazzly does not have the final say on your eligibility, nor does Afterpay, it is determined solely by Stripe. The Merchant Category Code (MCC) associated with your Stripe account is the most important determinant of your eligibility. It is possible to change this code but only Stripe can do this. If you have any further questions concerning eligibility then please direct them to Stripe.

    Your customers can check out with Afterpay if:

    • You both reside in the same country
    • The customer is under the Afterpay credit limit
    • Afterpay's eligibility requirements are met by the customer
    • The customer's total order does not exceed their country's spending limit but is also greater than one dollar
    • You have enabled Afterpay in your checkout in Dazzly
  2. How to Enable Afterpay on your online store

    In-order to enable Afterpay please watch the below video:

    Note that following this, Afterpay will be visible as a payment option on your checkout menu. The Afterpay logo is also visible on Product pages.

  3. What fees are applicable for processing

    The fee for processing transactions through Afterpay is 6% of the total order + NZ$0.30. This fee is paid by the customer. These fees include Stripe's processing fees.

  4. How your customers will use the Afterpay option at your store checkout

    Not all browsers are created equal. Some browsers, including in-app browsers, such as Instagram or Twitter's browsers, don't support Afterpay's payment function. In-order to use Afterpay's payment function the customer must be using a supported browser.

    Checkout steps are as follows:

    1. Enter Order Details (Name and Email)
    2. Select Delivery - Note: your customers cannot use Afterpay on Pickups
    3. Enter Delivery Address and Delivery Option
    4. Click 'Proceed to Payment'
    5. Review Order Details
    6. Click 'Complete Order'
    7. Create/Login to an existing Afterpay account. Accept Afterpay terms and review payment information.
    8. Review a summary of future payments and confirm the transaction

    After the customer's payment has been confirmed they will be re-directed back to your online store's Order Confirmation page.

    In addition to receiving an your store's usual Order Confirmation email alert, they may receive emails regarding their payment plan, dependant on their individual settings, from Afterpay.

    Late payments, delinquency, and the payment plan the customer agreed to is entirely managed by Afterpay.

    Important Note: Stripe may mark transactions as Uncaptured (visible in your Dashboard). In-order to fix this issue, please read (https://stripe.com/docs/refunds#dashboard) or contact Stripe. Additionally, asking your customer to update their browser, trying an alternative device, or even an alternative browser, may help fix the issue.

    Product page showing the Afterpay price and option
    Product page showing the Afterpay price and option
    Choosing Afterpay at the checkout
    Choosing Afterpay at the checkout
  5. Country specific spending limits

    If the order total exceeds the spending limit for the customer's country or if it is less than one dollar, then Afterpay will not be available as a payment option on the checkout.

    Spending Limit

    $1.00 - $2,000.00 NZD


    New Zealand

    In addition to the above, there are credit limits within Afterpay, related to individual Customers that may limit their ability to transact. Such limits may include the number of transactions they can conduct and the amount they can spend. Afterpay manages all credit limits. If Customer's are seeking additional information or have any concerns they should contact Afterpay.

  6. Refunds with Afterpay

    Afterpay will return the payment related to an order upon it being cancelled or refunded. Afterpay will refund all of the installments made to date and the customer's down payment. In the case of a partial refund, the payment plan within Afterpay will be changed to reflect the remaining monies owed. Transaction fees from Afterpay are not refundable.

  7. How to Disable Afterpay on your online store

    Upon disabling Afterpay, your customers will be unable to continue making purchases from your online store through Afterpay. Payment plans related to purchases already made prior to disabling Afterpay will still need to be completed by the Customer.

    1. Go to ‘Ecommerce’ menu within Dazzly
    2. Select ‘Receive Payments’
    3. Select ‘AfterPay’
    4. Untick the Afterpay option
    5. Click ‘Save Changes’
    6. Re-publish your website
  8. Assisting and supporting your customers

    For any questions about Afterpay payment plans or issues concerning approval of purchases, credit limits, or any else related to Afterpay - please contact Afterpay directly.