Why is Dazzly New Zealand's website builder?

A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any local business here in New Zealand. No matter the industry or the size of your operations, having a well-designed website is essential for spreading your brand in local markets to help gain new traffic and leads.

Given the cost of outsourcing website design and development, many businesses to seek cost-effective alternatives, such as a website builder.

Demand for websites has never been higher in NZ. Yet, building a website with the best user experience for target customers is easier said than done.

Since establishing our web design and development company - we've learnt what it takes to put together a high-quality website. As our business expanded, it became clear that maintaining our high standard would be difficult. We knew something had to be done.

Hence in 2017 we began to develop Dazzly. Dazzly is designed to be flexible and adaptable to keep-up with the ever-changing technology landscape. This way we can provide you the highest quality website with the latest trends. Dazzly is being improved constantly. You don't have to worry updating plugins or features as Dazzly does it all for you!

Not only do the website designs look sharp and modern, Dazzly websites are hosted on our high performance infrastructure. Copies of your website are stored all over the globe for ultra-fast loading times and speed.

“I was looking for a New Zealand website builder and found dazzly. With the Service Warrior template it was easy to get up and running online. I didn't have to spend thousands to get a website that attracts new customers.”

Eric Indrisie, Auckland, New Zealand

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Quick and Easy template screenshots

Quick & Easy

Looking for a quick, yet professional landing page for your business? Quick and Easy is the choice for you. Feature your services, display your contact information and receive contact form enquiries with this modern, mobile friendly single page website.

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Why Dazzly is the easiest website builder

There is a perception that building your own website is too difficult. Dazzly is changing that.

No longer do you need to be a web designer or have IT skills to build a website. Building a website with Dazzly is easy as pie.

If you can perform a Google search, send an email or write in a Word document then you are more than qualified to create a website yourself with dazzly. Our editor is intuitive and easy to use with no complicated drag and drop controls.

Every business needs a website.

In the year 2022 there is no excuse not to have a website design online for your business.

The simple truth is that a website created with Dazzly will rank well on Google and attract leads and enquiries for your business.

Creating a website is better done sooner rather than later. Domain and website reputation takes time accumulate, so now is the best time to start!

“I needed to get a website and found Dazzly easy to use. Having tried other DIY website tools, Dazzly was the best nz website builder for me - and it's made here in New Zealand!”

Moana, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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Quick and Easy template screenshots

Service Warrior 2

Built for service-based businesses, Service Warrior 2 is a visually stunning multi-page website adapted to suit your requirements, from sole traders to large companies this website will come out looking sharp.

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Why Businesses Are Choosing Dazzly Website Builder NZ in 2022?

Dazzly makes creating your own website easier and more convenient. It is suitable for businesses of every scope and size, and perfect for NZ businesses owners or aspiring entrepreneurs that want to develop and launch a website right away.

Here are a just a few reasons why businesses in New Zealand are using Dazzly.

Dazzly is a Form-Based Website Builder

While most website builders aim to bridge the gap between web designers and end customers, many still lack the user-friendly experience of Dazzly. One of the main reasons that Dazzly is so easy to use is that is a form-based website builder.

A form-based website builder is considered much simpler to use for the average consumer. You don’t need to worry about coding or the difficulty of using a drag-and-drop interface. This helps to streamline the design process.

Dazzly couldn’t be easier to use. You don’t need to worry about meeting with IT specialists and web designers and conversations filled with technical jargon.

Most of us are familiar with filling out forms and uploading images, so you will easily understand Dazzly’s straight-forward form-based process. All you need to do is simply provide the information requested and sit back as it builds the website for you. With all the guidance and support you need within one trusted, 100% New Zealand made platform.

There’s no coding to worry about, with an intuitive user-interface that is easy to learn no matter your experience with computers. This gives our customers fewer things to worry about, allowing to focus on designing and developing the best website for their needs.

Dazzly form based process

Dazzly is an Easier Website Builder than the New Zealand Competition

Time is one of the most valuable resources for any business.

The more time you save developing your website, the more you can put into other aspects of running your business. So, by making things as simple as possible, we help businesses save invaluable time and resources.

Thanks to our form-based design, Dazzly is the easiest option for business owners in New Zealand to create a website in their own home or office.

Users can create sleek websites with minimal effort, requiring much less input from IT and web design professionals. This means less time wasted talking to the various people typically needed to design a website!

There is also much less confusion about what is needed to build a website. Many small business owners attempt to build their own website, with the best of intentions, only to find the software is incredibly complex to use.

This can be very daunting. It may cause many to hold off on their website design plans as they are overwhelmed and confused by the process of building a website. The longer you hold off developing a website, the more customers you are potentially missing out on. It will also take longer to establish a basic level of visibility for your website online.

By giving our customers the tools to build a website from scratch, they can develop their own website at a fraction of the time (and therefore cost). They can also avoid the hassle of calling and working with a web designer.

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Dazzly is a Faster Website Builder than the New Zealand Competition

Dazzly has many technical advantages that allow us to deliver faster, more responsive websites for you.

The speed of a website can make or break the consumer journey, so we aim to deliver high speed websites that deliver the best experience for the end user.

We have full control over the code, servers, and network infrastructure. There is no outsourcing to third-party organisations to save resources. This gives us complete control over the technology. It ensures a certain flexibility that is lacking in many other providers in New Zealand.

By handling everything in-house, we also offer the best customer experience for our clients and their target consumers too.

We deliver websites faster than the competition, no matter the device or location of your users – even in rural locations!

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Why Local NZ Support is important to be the best website builder in NZ

Dazzly is tailored to the New Zealand market. We take pride in supporting local businesses, giving them the tools to achieve their organisational goals.

Our customer support also plays a huge role in why so many businesses in New Zealand are choosing Dazzly. We offer local New Zealand customer support to ensure the best experience for our clients.

With local customer support, you can chat with a New Zealand native that is an expert in helping people put together their first website. They understand any issues you might be having, while having keen insight into the SMB website market here in New Zealand. They’ve likely helped someone in your industry before so they can also provide suggestions if needed.

They are happy to offer support and guidance on any issues you’re having with the software or any questions you may have about websites generally. Dazzly customer support staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and offer clear communication and suggestions tailored to your specific situation.

Businesses throughout New Zealand continue to choose Dazzly as their number one website builder. Our software is one of the easiest website builders available on the market, giving customers the ability to create bespoke websites without needing expert knowledge.

A form-based system makes designing a unique website straight-forward, saving invaluable time and resources. Websites made with Dazzly are technically superior, with a fast and responsive design that offers the best customer experience.

We develop everything internally, giving us the control and flexibility that our competitors simply cannot match. Our commitment to customer service is second to none, with local New Zealand support guaranteeing the best experience for our clients.

These are just a few of the reasons why businesses throughout New Zealand are choosing Dazzly.

We invite you to sign-up today for free and create a website for your business in minutes!

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Why would I want to use a free website builder tool?

With Dazzly you get a free evaluation period, giving you the time to build your website at your own pace. Once you decide to put the website live on a Domain, you can join our monthly or annual plan (for a discount!).

There are many reasons why you would want to use a New Zealand based website building tool. Local support, a closer proximity means potential for further partnership and business. Also, the customer support is in your time-zone – something that comes in handy when discussing your businesses needs. This is why many customers are searching for a local NZ solution when looking for a website builder.

As often is the case with businesses in New Zealand – your needs will go beyond a business website. If you’re just starting a business you may also be considering extra services such as domains and email hosting – the team at Dazzly are here for you.

By using dazzly, you are also supporting a Kiwi business, giving you the peace of mind that your website is manged close to home. The Dazzly team is based in Auckland but we are committed to supporting all businesses, all over New Zealand. Our goal is to be the best option for any business in New Zealand to get a website and we’ve come of out of our corner flying.

We’re encouraging everyone throughout New Zealand that wishes to create a website. Take a few minutes and be dazzled with what we offer with our simple website builder experience. Whether you are in the city or out in the country, if you’re starting a new business in NZ, come to us. Call us on 0800 122 090, email us at support@dazzly.co or contact us through the live chat and we’ll sort you out the best deal possible for your website.

As Dazzly grows, we will host special events where all our customers can come together to celebrate their successes. These events are a great opportunity to share and discuss our stories and learn from each others experiences.

Dazzly is first and foremost about helping as many New Zealand businesses as possible get high quality website designs at a fair price. Using the our website builder, you only need to pay for the website hosting service and then connecting your domain to a website.

Dazzly is improving every day with more templates and features. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest.

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Ecommerce store 2 template screenshots

Ecommerce Store 2

This template brings more content flexibility for your Ecommerce Store. An enhanced Product page and an improved checkout process along with Gallery, Staff/About and Custom pages, make this the supreme Ecommerce template.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How can I make a website for my small business?

    Dazzly is great option for your business website. First, select the template that best suits your business. Second, fill in our simple form with information such as your website title, business logo and contact details. Third, click Launch! It is that simple!

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    How can I create an online website?

    We are changing the way that people and businesses think about how to make a website. In a few minutes you can now create yours from scratch. To put it online simply connect a Domain name and it will be available to be viewed by everyone online!

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    How much does it cost to build a website?

    It costs nothing to build websites with Dazzly – there is only a charge for connecting to a custom domain name. Accessing visitor statistics, templates, images, videos, icons and more are all free!

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    What is the best free website builder?

    Dazzly is the best free website builder for making a website in a matter of minutes. Find out why now.

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    Where can I create a website for free?

    You can make a free website right here with Dazzly – start now!

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    How do I create a free website on Google?

    A Dazzly website is ready to be located via Google and other search engines as soon it is live.

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    What website builder is best?

    Our team have worked in the website industry for many years. Dazzly is our vision for the best website builder to provide you with a mobile-friendly, extremely fast loading, modern website. We will continue to expand the template range and features quickly in response to your feedback. We believe our combination of genuine care, support and technologies will make Dazzly the best site option on the market.

Kiwis love our instant site builder!

At Dazzly, we've been working hard behind the scenes to be able to offer all new users a package we have put together. The ‘instant site builder nz’ package – with the goal of getting you off on the right track in your online journey.

Often is the case that people start a business together with a partner that can handle different duties and responsibilities. Usually the website is considered more of an 'administrative task' rather than a marketing opportunity. However, customers from the North Island to the South Island have told us that the final text and images are a combination of both partners efforts.

We typically see the more 'administrative' focused partner sign-up to dazzly. They then publish their first draft website with some text and images within several minutes. Dazzly has a small learning curve - it is the easiest instant site builder to use. Following this they will make several refinements and then publish a few more times to get things looking spot-on.

After the website content is done and everyone's happy, they subscribe and join Dazzly’s growing list of happy customers. Shortly after that, they'll have their new website on their new .co.nz domain. For just around 1 hour of time and a small monthly fee, they are now able to control their online destiny. With Dazzly you also get a clear snapshot of your website visitor statistics. No more waiting for days or weeks to get a website report from your website man, now you can see data at any time on demand.

Finding the time where both partners can give their input is not easy, but it is worth the investment. The longer a website is online, the more reputation it will gain on major search engines such as Google. Additionally, with more time online, you have an increased opportunity to add content. Posting write-ups of recent jobs, customer experiences or other stories will help improve your search rank over time. Unlike using a web developer, there is no additional cost. You can take care of updating and publishing the website yourself with ease. By using dazzly, you don't need to go through the long and cumbersome process of getting them to do it.

New Dazzly customers can expect a call from one of our friendly team to ask about your experience and to see how we can make things better for you. We also offer a free phone or zoom consultation to discuss how you can get the most out of your website, with some straight-forward plain English tips. Additionally, we may offer you a custom email address. If you have subscribed to our newsletter you will also receive tips and other helpful information to make your website rank better.

The instant site builder package allows us to offer new customers the ability to have a custom email address to complement their website. This means that you can use Dazzly as a one-stop-shop for domains, email hosting and websites. Get it all taken care of in record time so we can ensure your business is looking professional from the get-go. Feel free to call us on 0800 122 090 or support@dazzly.co to take advantage of this excellent offer!

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We're making Kiwi businesses fly!

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Can a website page builder actually make a quality website?

The short answer is YES, it is possible to make a quality website without a website designer. In fact, the potential for these do-it-yourself website (DIY) platforms is limitless, even when it comes to website design and functional requirements.

Currently there is a misconception that using a page builder may produce a substandard website or something inferior to the standard of a website built by a website designer. This is simply not true.

Dazzly is breaking new ground and is quickly changing this perception. By producing beautiful, mobile-ready, website designs built by the customers' themselves.

You can either spend 10 minutes looking up a local website design company and wondering whether they can meet your needs or budget, or you can spend 10 minutes using Dazzly and know that you will love the final website design because it will be all ready to go!

A quality website depends on several things:

  • A high-quality visual website design
  • Smooth website functionality
  • Being Mobile-ready
  • Having an excellent Technical Score

Dazzly is less than 1 year old and is already knocking all of these factors out of the park.

With Dazzly you can make a high-quality website design yourself. With our extensive library of stock photos and videos, you won't need to collect material yourself. Of course, it's also easy to add your own images and video should you wish to.

Our templates range from single page websites, 3 page websites to 5 page websites and beyond. We have the template to suit your needs and they are all high-quality.

All our templates are responsive and available on mobile devices. They can be viewed on your mobile phone immediately.

Whether you're selling products or need to receive enquiries, Dazzly has you covered. If you need any support for any reason you can call us directly on 0800 122 090. Our support team will talk you through the process. Our aim is for Dazzly to be the greatest page builder for everyone.

Over the past seven years we have helped many New Zealand businesses with our in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach. Now we are ready to extend that same expertise and skill-set to enable you to build an exceptional website using Dazzly.

With Dazzly we take pride in providing websites that score well in the common measurements:

  • Technical Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Best Practices

A Dazzly website is a fast loading and smooth functioning website made right here in New Zealand. Superior to the traditional website design process.

Want to see the difference when using dazzly? Try it now

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building a website in nz

Help us tell New Zealand businesses about the best website builder

How can we get the word out? We want to help as many businesses as possible - that is where you come in.

First, sign up and create your first website with Dazzly and then tell your friends and other business owners about it.

Whether you've just started out on your own as a contractor or whether you have been in business for many years, it doesn't matter, you can benefit from using Dazzly to make a website today.

Any questions? Call 0800 122 090 or email support@dazzly.co for free support 24/7 to help you get started.

Try Dazzly for Free - No Credit Card Required

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How to get a Wholesale Business Website in New Zealand?

Laura runs a food wholesale business in Auckland. When the pandemic hit, Laura knew that she needed to get creative and pivot her business. She needed to open new sales and marketing channels that would be able to function during lock-downs.

Laura doesn’t have a long history of customers ordering online. In her business, orders have almost always come via phone, sometimes by email and even some by fax. Laura’s customers, who are local retail stores, generally order based on their own end-customer’s demand. Features such as automatic re-order notifications weren’t applicable and other “bells and whistles” didn’t seem to be a good “fit”.

It makes sense though. There will always be more “retail” and “end-customer” focused business than wholesale. Laura checked several New Zealand website builder offerings and while some were attractive, none of them seemed to have a tailored solution for wholesalers.

Laura’s needs were quite different than a typical ecommerce store website:

  • Simplicity and ease-of-use was more important than design. Laura’s customers had never bought wholesale food supplies online before – it needed to be simple and easy to use.

  • Flexibility to use “Product Codes” rather than Product Name. Laura’s customers order large volumes of product based off of codes, ideally this wouldn’t change.

  • Ability to hide the price. Customer-specific pricing would be desirable in the future, but currently was a bit over-the-top for Laura’s needs. Having a “price on enquiry” would be sufficient for this business case instead of showing the price to all website visitors. In wholesale, pricing is based off the customer’s order quantity, previous orders and other factors. It would not be suitable to show the price to public website visitors.

  • Did not wish to accept payments online. Laura wished to manually handle customer transactions and facilitate payment via bank transfer and other previously used means.

Having tried the international and local options, Laura came across Dazzly and signed-up with the ecommerce store template.

wholesale baker kneading dough
bakery items for wholesale

After having used the ecommerce template for some time, she realised that again it wasn’t the best option for her and she reached out to our support team.

Should you need to contact support regarding any question under the sun related to websites – we’re available – 24/7 – and a friendly team member can assist you – 0800 122 090support@dazzly.co

After a short chat with Dazzly support it was determined that she - like many other wholesale businesses looking to create a website, would be best suited with the Product Enquiry template.

Within a few hours of switching the template Laura had set up her own website. Having run it by her business partner Jane, they were both happy to give it a thorough test and then sign-up to Dazzly on the day.

By registering a .co.nz domain with Dazzly they had a professional looking website up in no time.

Within a few days of the website going live, Laura and Jane had shared their website with close friends and customers. Shortly after they were placing product enquiries through the website.

They also took up the offer to support custom email addresses. Now they can receive their wholesale product enquiries straight to their shared email inbox.

Talk about a digital pivot in a short amount of time.

Having now used the platform for over a month, both Laura and Jane are happy with the transition. Their customers have found it a breeze to put their wholesale orders through the website. By switching to Dazzly, not only have they saved time, but have made product ordering processes more efficient for everyone.

If you are a wholesale business considering getting a website, then we encourage you to consider our New Zealand website builder option – Dazzly – equipped with the Product Enquiry template. Backed by a solid kiwi support team your wholesale business should be ready to get online and trade!