What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Website Builder

For a long time, businesses have strived to create a platform that would allow the everyday entrepreneur or small business owner to create a website for their business. Many developers have attempted to build software to simplify the process, including using What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website editors, but to date, these have not succeeded due to their lack of understanding of the customer experience, feedback looks, and support handholding required.

Dazzly, our mobile website builder software which was released in late 2020, works to close this gap by providing a thorough What You See Is What You Get website builder experience. The way that we achieve this is by ensuring that at each step of the website creation process, our software users can choose to stop, and hit the green ‘publish preview’ button, to generate an updated preview version of their website to review. This ensures that, at each step, the customer can see the exact website design and layout of their content before committing to joining one of our paid plans.

In addition to this, dazzly makes extensive use of WYSIWYG textbox editors, in-order to give our website creators flexibility on the amount, type and spacing of website text and images that they wish to put into certain places of our website templates. While our fundamental templates may be somewhat rigid, by uploading your own content, photos and text, you’ll be able to create a fantastic, unique looking website design from your home or office, right before your eyes, so you can see exactly the sort of website you’re going to end up with.

Note that a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor is used within the dazzly interface on a Service Warrior 2 website template to build a Custom Page. Screenshot demonstrates core WYSIWYG functionality such as the ability to format text bold, italics, as well as inserting links, images and embedding videos.

dazzly can also take care of your domain registration and email hosting needs - all within one simple provider.

So why not consider using dazzly to create your next website? Especially if you’re not competent with computers or IT generally. Dazzly inherently takes care of all the website hosting for you and simply leaves you with the task of providing a few items of information (typically less than 5) and it will generate the website before your eyes. You can even build your website on your iPhone or Android device!

So if you’re looking for a free trial to experience the latest in What You See Is What You Get website builder technology then look no further and give dazzly a try today – we offer a 14-day free trial so you can see the layout, website design and everything else you’ll need to make decision whether to go ahead or not. Dazzly is perfect for those that aren’t confident with computers!