What exactly is web design, is it changing? How do website builders affect this?

Web design is changing. In New Zealand, most website professionals use out of date Content Management Systems (CMS) to enter information into your website via an antiquated piece of software with many security issues. This process is arduous, fraught with error and time consuming. Both for the website developer and the end-customer waiting for their website to reflect the latest update and simultaneously praying it doesn’t fall over in the process.

The problem is that most website design and development businesses don’t put enough focus or emphasis on the technical solution at the heart of what they’re making. In the past, you could get away with this to a certain extent. Primarily because there were only a small handful of CMS systems providing the means to make and update a website on an aging technology platform. The vast majority of websites were on these platforms and therefore it didn’t seem necessary to consider other options, except for the very latest or custom builds. In-fact, people even shunned website developers who would consider other platforms.

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Service Warrior 2

Built for service-based businesses, Service Warrior 2 is a visually stunning multi-page website adapted to suit your requirements, from sole traders to large companies this website will come out looking sharp.

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Started from the bottom...

When we created our first website company we always made our websites custom designed from the ground up — providing high quality solutions that often out ranked and out competed for website traffic and leads, even when that wasn’t the clients original goal. We did things different, the no-shortcuts, hard-way, and we learned a ton of valuable lessons along the way.

Website builder platforms were invented a number of years ago and unfortunately continued to follow this same trend. Instead of innovating the underlying product, they merely developed a website interface to - again - create and update a website with poor, dated fundamental technology. This isn’t making anything new. This is making the same old website again. Just putting a different looking control panel on the front – it isn’t new.

So web design may have appeared to change – certainly to the large influx of lower technically skilled persons who were now able to create websites, it seemed as though it had.

But the real website design change has come now that Dazzly has been launched. With Dazzly you get the best of both worlds and it is even more easy to use, ensuring that even your least computer skilled person can publish a great website in a timely manner.

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Get started with Dazzly in minutes by creating a website using our easy website builder.

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In 2024 website design has changed again

Dazzly also brings the option of creating your own Ecommerce website, letting you make online stores in a matter of minutes. This is game-changing technology for businesses considering getting an online presence. Now there really is no need to engage a professional designer or be concerned about large website bills and long consultations – now you truly can experience the promise that was given, but not kept by other website platforms – the promise that it will be genuinely easy to use and you will create a quality website and that will perform well!

You can sign up and feel the difference. Dazzly is made to make complex processes a thing of the past. What could be easier than logging in and filling in a few small pieces of information, pressing a green button to publish, and awaiting your first website to appear in-front of your eyes.

In the time you have taken to read this you could build a great website with Dazzly — try it now for free!

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Have any questions? Or need help selecting a Website Template? The friendly team at Dazzly are happy to help.

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