Who We Are

Having established ourselves in the website industry we have created Dazzly websites as our solution to the problems that small business owners face when looking for a website or online presence.

Having a website online can make a huge impact to your small business but in the first instance most people just want to get something decent online. We want to make that fast, easy, and free! But to also give them something quality for their efforts to kick start their online presence.

Dazzly continues to expand the range of website templates but now meets the needs of businesses worldwide in establishing a presence for their services business or for selling products online.

We're continuously improving our software and processes to be the best option for businesses worldwide - we'd really appreciate any feedback you have to help us make that happen.

Thank you for your time in reading this page. We look forward to having you use our service and making it better to meet all your website needs.

photo grid of dazzly people and culture