5 Most Cited Barriers To Building A Website in New Zealand

There is a large feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it comes to getting a website. We’re encouraged to believe that technology and innovation is always good, and if your neighbouring business has a website, why shouldn’t you? Like most things technological, there are a lot of buzzwords, hype and hate, but unlike other advances, a website cannot be ignored when it comes to having the basic 101’s/things ticked off when it comes to marketing your business.

It’s a strange situation to start with – you’re told you need a website – but you may not know exactly why – it is likely you don’t know how to get one, and even if you did get one, how do you measure its result/impact? These are strange questions to ask when procuring a business service. But without the obvious answer of; “we want to generate more business”, most people really don’t know where they’re at when they start to look a getting a website.

Hence, we present the 5 most cited barriers to building a website for small business owners in New Zealand:

1.      Uncertainty

With all of the lack of familiarity of these processes, the terminology being used, and even the final outcome, business owners will naturally question whether they even need a website. Except in some narrow cases (which would be obvious to you if it were the case), then you will need one – that is guaranteed. No matter what you do, additional ways to represent your business and offering are good, and help you stick your head out amongst the competition.

2.      Time

Traditionally you have to invest time and money in to finding a website service provider and speaking with several of them to find “a match” – this was a time-consuming process and fraught with difficulty as it often required multiple IT providers to coordinate together to take care of the website “website” service.

3.      Cost

Not only did it require a lot of time, but it was expensive to get an upfront website designed from a local New Zealand designer and required amendments and changes – this increased the cost uncertainty and often made completing website design projects difficult.

4.      Content/Purpose

Even if we agreed that we needed a new website, what should we put on it? What do our customers care about? What is the main message and purpose of the website? All of this still needed to be figured out even before we can afford the cost and time commitment.

5.      Results

Having never had website before we don’t know what a good result would look like or how we even get there. Often traditional providers will struggle to quantify this because they know it often involves working with yet another provider for search engine optimization.

Thankfully, there is a New Zealand based start-up called dazzly that as eliminated all of these problems and more. With one simple piece of software you can sign up and build a website in just a sort-time, it is so incredibly easy that anyone can use it and build a website easier than sending an email. No need for 3rd party service providers, endless meetings and time wasted – you can take care of the entire process in your home office in one afternoon (and for free – to build the website) – entirely with dazzly.

Recommend dazzly to your friends or give it a try for your business or side hustle today – https://www.dazzly.co.nz – it is entirely free to sign-up and build a website without restrictions.