Most American small businesses don't use online transactions as an integral part of their websites. Small business owners will create their business plan around the production of goods or services required to meet the needs of the market for their clients.

When considering how to acquire initial customers, most start up business owners look to canvassing businesses or residential customers to offer their services or may consider using other traditional forms of advertising such as radio or newspaper advertisements.

It is important to realize that websites are grossly under-estimated in terms of what they can do for small businesses, regardless of their nature.

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A website isn't only about marketing. A small business website is an asset to any business in it's ability to provide comprehensive information, both written and visual, to prospective customers who are actively searching for your services and products. By using dazzly, you can enjoy these benefits from the very first day, with minimal investment of time or cost.

Your website will be a valuable source of information. All of your website traffic, or people visiting your website, is recorded, meaning you have access to all parts of your website, and can clearly see what pages are being viewed the most, and how much time visitors spend reading that particular page. Additionally, it provides an invaluable information source or survey of what times your customers access the internet, their basic demographic information, as an aggregated sample, and other information that will allow you to gain an insight into the areas of most interest to your customers. This will prove extremely helpful in shaping future interactions and marketing strategies best suited for your customers.

If you're thinking of doing any marketing activity at all, then you're going to need an dazzly small business website. It makes sense to create a high quality website design yourself using the dazzly website builder.