What is the best app to build a website in 2022?

There are many software tools available to create a website in 2022. Traditionally, in the late 1990’s, software such as Microsoft Pagebuilder and Dreamweaver were the primary tools people thought of when the idea of building a website came to mind. Since then we’ve seen growth of online tools and programming languages generally that mean there are more options than ever for setting up a website for your business.

But what option for building a website is best for you today?

Chances are that you don’t already have a professional photography kit, design software and the typical “tools of the trade” that web designers own. That seems like a high barrier to entry, but of course, you could hire a local website guy, up and coming graphic designer, or engage a professional web development firm – options that involve a range of costs, both financial and non-financial.

Many small business owners find themselves asking, isn’t there a more straight-forward way just to get a web page launched and online? Thankfully we’re here to tell you, that in 2022, there is.

No matter what computer equipment or proficiency that you’re equipped with, chances are that you’re reading this article on your mobile device, in-fact, almost half of all internet users in western countries are doing their browsing and other activities on a mobile device (https://kinsta.com/mobile-vs-desktop-market-share/).

With all of these apps, and the same power to launch a rocket to the moon, why aren’t we able to build a website from an app? Here’s the good news – we can.

Several website builder software tools have continued to innovate their offerings including our hard-working website design and development team at Dazzly. We think we have the best app to build a website on the market today, and we hope you’ll install it on your mobile device and try building a website the new way.

Upon signing up to Dazzly, or logging into your existing account, you will be prompted to install our Progressive Web App (PWA), this app will enable enhanced mobile functionality and making building your business website a breeze. Whether you need to retrieve photos from your phone gallery or take photos or video on the fly, the Dazzly app can upload these files directly into your website, making the creation process seamless and truly mobile!

Whether you’re on iPhone or Android, you can create a comprehensive, multi-page service website or open the doors on your first digital online store – all done solely from the Dazzly app on your phone or tablet.

How to install the best app to build a website?

1.      Browse to https://www.dazzly.co/en-US/templates to select template and sign-up or login via https://app.dazzly.co for existing app users.

2.      Accept the prompt to install a Progressive Web App, appropriate for your iOS or Android device.

3.      Save the Dazzly app icon to your phone Home Screen to ensure convenient access to build, update and maintain your website.

4.      Give it a whirl – try capturing a video on your phone and using it as a sleek new website background – even temporarily – that is the flexibility of our website building mobile app.

5.      Need a hand? Don’t hesitate to get hold of our friendly website experts at support@dazzly.co


How do you build a website using a mobile app?

Simple, the creation process is form-based so you just type-in your website text and upload files, much like sending an email. Here are some screenshots below to demonstrate how easy it is to make a web page on the Dazzly app. For a step-by-step break-down of this, please refer to our mobile website builder article.


Does the Dazzly app support my mobile device?

The team at Dazzly works hard to ensure all major mobile brands, phones and tablets are compatible with our software. If you do find an instance of things not looking quite right, or perhaps not working in your specific case, we’d encourage you to reach out and we can investigate this issue for you. We want you to have the best experience possible when using our mobile app.


What is the cost of using the app to build my website?

Whether you build a website using the app or our web-based interface (the website), the costs are exactly the same. Our standard Pay Monthly plan is $44.95 per month. Please see our pricing page for more information. There is no cost to download or install our app and it is currently only available to download via your Dazzly login.


What is the advantage of using an app to build my website?

The main advantage of using an app to build your website is that you don’t have to invest in the equipment to capture high-quality images and video of your work and capabilities. You can simply use existing photos you’ve captured on your phone, as it has a modern camera within it. Additionally, it saves you a lot of time and overhead from not having to send and receive files and website text back-and-forth in the process of setting up your website. With the Dazzly app, all of your website information and data is handled in one place, with an extremely easy to use interface. This is the main advantage and reason why we believe Dazzly is the best app to build a website.


Are the websites made by the app also mobile-friendly?

Yes, any website that you make using our app is going to be mobile-friendly. This is because the websites are constructed from a template structure and customized using the text, images and videos that you provide (or select from our stock icon, photo and video library integrations). These pre-created template structures have been analysed many times by our development team and they are fundamentally created to respond to a variety of screen sizes, including mobile device screen resolutions.


Does creating a website with an app affect the final website SEO?

The answer to this question depends on which app website build you use. With Dazzly, you can rest assured, that like the previous question, our template/structures are also engineered to use all of the text, images, videos and associated data that you provide to the best possible advantage in respect of how your website is represented and indexed by search engines. We are continuously learning and keeping on-top of the latest SEO trends (as a competitive website builder app company, we can’t afford not to be!), and we put the latest and greatest innovations into the website templates. That means with Dazzly, unlike other software and solutions, ensures that your website is updated and maintained while you can get on with running your business and taking care of the day-to-day. In this respect, Dazzly is the best app to create a website with good search engine optimization (SEO) characteristics.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and will continue to research which app or mobile website builder is the best for you to use to create a website for your business. We hope from this you will be open-minded about the value of having inherent mobile capabilities, built-in SEO and the other time and cost-saving advantages with adopting a modern innovation in website creation technology such as Dazzly.