In the small business world today, getting a website has become exponentially more important when compared to the previous 10 years. A website is a technical marketing solution, one-part product-like (the website itself, which must be built) and one-part service (the website hosting, which is an on-going service). The two-part nature of the small business website service has made it daunting for proprietors when seeking out to build your own small business website.

With so many businesses being incorporated in 2022 alone, we need to look at all the new options available with all services we consider purchasing. According to the United States Census Bureau, there were 30,707 new businesses having formed in the last 4 quarters (to May 2022) in the USA, down slightly from 39,424 in the preceding four quarters, there will always be new customers and new ways of doing services (U.S. Census Bureau, Business Formation Statistics, June 09, 2022, accessed from:

Nonetheless, there has been continuous innovation in the small business website builder space, and a team of expert website developers and small businesses enthusiasts have developed a software tool that makes the ability to build your own small business website a reality, regardless of your level of computer confidence or general ability.

If you have the ability to search for and scroll through reading this article, we’re confident that you have the ability to build your own small business website using Dazzly. In-fact, without reading any further, we’d argue that you could do it on your first go – its THAT easy!

Dazzly offers a 14-day free trial so experience the ability to build your own small business website today and test our excellent customer support who are happy to answer any questions you have about getting a website for your small business. Start your trial today!

How do you build your own website for your small business?

Traditionally people would learn website development languages and outsource the website hosting arbitrarily to a website hosting company online. In current times, there is no need to do this, you can simply use a modern website builder software such as Dazzly to create a website in minutes, even from your mobile device. It is as easy as filling out a form.

1.      Select your template & sign up

2.      Input some basic text

3.      Input some photos (or use our Stock Library for now)

4.      Publish your website & view Preview

In 4 extremely easy steps you have created a first draft preview website design that you can evaluate for your small business and then continue to edit and re-publish within Dazzly.

Do you need a website building course to build your own small business website?

No, in modern times it is no longer necessary to study how to build a website for your small business. Using modern website builder software platforms, you can build a website for your small business and the software itself (and the friendly team supporting it) will take care of the website hosting for you.

In conclusion, if you are looking to build your own small business website, there is no longer the benefits or returns that there previous was from investing years into learning how to do website design and development solely to create websites for small businesses. Now it pays more dividends to select a professional website creation tool such as Dazzly and to create small businesses websites using that.