The dazzly website builder is changing the way business websites are designed and developed.

We've been making websites for many years and while we worked to make things as easy as possible for our previous clients to create a website, this is a summary of the experiences they encountered with other providers in doing things the OLD way:

Features of the OLD way of building websites:

- Multiple in-person meetings to clog your schedule

- Lots of technical jargon to keep you one-step behind the conversation

- Account managers with changing names and faces

- Designs that don't hit the spot, or simply don't make sense

- A website that never looks and feels quite right

- A website design process with the inability to change things to your needs

- A feeling of dissatisfaction with the final delivered product

- No ability to update the website or requiring a Computer Science degree to do so

- Expensive costs that don't equate with the delivered product

- Finding out only months later that your system is antiquated

- Paying for an addon/plugin, only for it to crash and produce bugs down the track

- Grey hairs

While we know we do a great job on avoiding the above frustrations for our clients, we know that it takes a lot of extra time and money to build a quality website, something not every business can afford.

We want to help every business in America with a great website.

All small business websites should be great - and there is simply no reason why that cannot be the case.

We had to innovate to achieve our goal of delivering our excellent services at scale - and the answer is dazzly.

Long meetings are not required, nor technical jargon, dazzly is now doing all of that work for you. The only thing you need to do is to consider your brand message and how to get it across. With dazzly this is easy. We have templates to suit all business sizes and if we don't have exactly what you are looking for, you can simply email us ( and we'll get it for you within a few days - that is our promise to you.

Features of using the dazzly (NEW WAY):

- Create a website or draft website design by yourself in minutes

- Review the website design for free - you can literally make a free website

- No in-person meetings required, but help is available any time at +64800122090

- No technical jargon or unnecessary meetings required - we've done the work already

- The 'under-the-hood' behind dazzly uses the very latest web development languages, architectures and technologies

- A range of designs and customization options to ensure it matches your brand

- A reassurance that you can manage and control the website technology yourself

- Any staff member in your organization can update the website - it is simply that easy

- Blogging and other features built-in - no crazy plugins or unreliable third parties

We're making sure dazzly is the best option for a small business website or a website of any size. No matter what your business or organization does, we encourage you to give it a try to see the new way to create a website for your business.

If you need a helping hand or have any additional questions, we can walk you through each step of making your free website design, at absolutely no cost, by calling +64800122090 today.

Don't just build websites, build excellent websites using the dazzly.

We welcome you to make a free website using dazzly today.

Any questions concerning dazzly or any aspect of web design and development - call us on +64800122090 or email us