Why do people find drag and drop website builders difficult to use?

People inherently resist change. People fear the unknown and new technologies aren’t familiar. This is further ‘compounded’ by the fact that the process itself doesn’t match or isn’t analogous to other processes they’re used to doing.

a.      Example is that accountants will work better on a new accounting system where the way that you input the data is similar to how you would of done it before but just digital instead of pen-and-paper. If it looks like the existing pen and paper forms (or close to) then the adoption rate/understanding/acceptance will be higher.

b.      This isn’t universal. Some professions, such as artists – think of the painter – will be used to using their hands to cover surfaces and will have skill in choosing colors to match the overall theme or feel of the environment they’re trying to create. These skills will translate into the world of web design – but for most of us, we either us pen-and-paper, phones or other specialized tools to our particular trade, or of course, simply our hands.

The idea of ‘building a website’ as the core task – is already likely to be 90%+ uncertain to most people as they’ll have no prior experience doing this and won’t understand that they may have existing skills that will transfer well to this task.  Now you can picture the scenario of a room full of various people of various ages and other demographics representative of small business owners throughout the nation sitting down in a room. They all have the same fundamental task – build a website for your small business.

6.      They’re shown two different interfaces and can select which one they’d prefer to have a go:

a.      Do you think they’ll select the simple looking interface, that involves filling out a form by typing information and possibly uploading an image or two.

b.      OR do you think they’ll choose the interface that has several overlapping menus open, has no clear place to start, has a pop-up on screen that is again overlaying what appears to be a website, an interface with probably over 30 immediate things that you could consider clicking on – i.e. a very overwhelming experience.

This simple example demonstrates that where possible, if you’re trying to make a new and unfamiliar process, particularly one involving technology, ease and efficient for people who may not be previously familiar with building a website – then you need to make the input method as simple and relatable to their previous experiences as possible.

Generally speaking, the fundamental nature of most businesses is that they’re product or service driven which means they can be performed (overwhelmingly) offline, this means that there are many small businesses across the nation that need to create a website for their business and will not be familiar with modern website builder interfaces, and it will be scary for them.

Their business may not fundamentally require a website to function day-to-day but due to COVID and other factors it is important that they take advantage of the real, active channel that is the internet and get their business represented in their local areas and generating leads to go and meet real people face-to-face to carry out services in their area.

Dazzly, being a simple form-based, mobile website builder, makes the process of building a website and launching your businesses online presence extremely easy – and our kind, patient staff will hear your concerns and help you achieve a great online presence and be knowledgeable and confident that you’re on the right track to having the website be a marketing asset for your business.

Don’t guide them to another modern, designer focused, drag-and-drop interface, it will consume more of their time than is worthwhile to commit, and may ultimately involve them needing to engage with a website design professional anyway, which will cost them cash-flow in addition to the time lost – let alone the hassle arranging a website host! Save them time and money and direct them to Dazzly, the friendly, form-based website creation tool that is loved by many business owners from all sorts of industries all over the world!