Is dazzly the best option for small business online marketing? Our customers think so.

With our exclusive small business marketing offer you can get a full designed dazzly website, website hosting and a solid display marketing campaign for as little as $150.00 (excl. GST) per month - no up-front costs - no fees - no risk.

Why? Because we've created a package that will achieve this.

Online presence, internet marketing, and all things digital do not come naturally to many small business owners. You are small and growing, with many operational priorities and things to setup as you establish yourself in the market in your first years in business.

An dazzly website will reduce the setup costs, eliminate the setup time, and make things a breeze compared to using a traditional website designer or website developer option.

You can have your dazzly website setup in minutes or we can make it for you! And then have modern display banners to ensure your target audience holds your brand in their hearts and minds beyond their initial website visit.

How do you maximise the return on your small business website?

Simple - choose the dazzly small business marketing offer - exclusive to New Zealand businesses (where we're based) - and only available in 2020.

For $150.00 (excl. GST) per month we'll setup your website and ensure your business is correctly represented online. So when you visit prospective clients you can direct them to your website. When your client subsequently browses your website they will be added to a 're-marketing list' which will allow us to deliver your banner to them as they browse various websites. With your website address on signage, you can expand your reach even further as this feature allow your advertising to follow your potential customers home.

Our small business marketing package allows you to monitor the traffic viewing your website and quantify the traffic viewing your website. This offers you individual insights into the exact number of people viewing your business website at any time.

A typical display campaign will have >10,000 people viewing your banners each month!

Talk about value for money - at that price the website is basically working for you as a sales support agent. Practically speaking, it reinforces the great first impression you have made.

We're making it as simple as possible to start your online journey with dazzly websites.

Sick of your old, tired website that doesn't perform well? Are you ready for a new online journey?

Pick up the phone now and dial +6448905789 to speak with us to setup your first online marketing package and let it work in the background while you continue to develop your business.

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