Managed Website Services & Software Systems in 2022


In recent years leading up to 2022, things have not advanced much in the website builder space. The same functions are offered by new entrants, usually with a difficult to use drag-and-drop interface. This article explains how the transition to an outsourced managed website services has lead to disadvantages and lost opportunities in the digital space and how transitioning back to an internally managed website under a comprehensive software system can bring new opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

What are Managed Website Services?

Services traditionally seen as solely the responsibility of small business IT providers are now becoming merged with marketing duties to form a new type of managed service within forward thinking businesses – managed website services. That is a lot of responsibility and is often why this is outsourced. But what are the consequences of outsourcing this critical marketing asset away from your team? This is something troubling business owners as websites have held a continuous amount of uncertainty and history even in the 2020’s.

What is Website Management Software (WMS)?

Website Management Software is a major extension of functionality to deliver the latest generation of website builder software technology. In short, a comprehensive website management software system will not only allow you to create and update your website content and email accounts, it will actually allow you, as the business owner or responsible staff member, to carry out those functions, without the need for an IT team or IT knowledge (on-site or overseas).

What is the best Website Management Software (WMS)?

Currently Dazzly is distinguished as the only website builder who has indicated they’re willing to expand their functionality beyond what is needed for a website designer or developer, instead making everything accessible to non-technical staff and business owners. This is a cost, time and stress saving revolution and something that should be watched closely by all those who aren’t satisfied with their current website hosting, email, domain or other web-service vendors. This pioneering approach makes them the website management software system of choice.

Who should manage my website in a small business?

Traditionally there would be one staff member given this task who was overwhelmed, perpetually behind and never able to be proactive. With modern website management software systems this staff member can now be freed up to spend their time collecting quality, fresh content from the latest happenings in their business and getting it published out quickly and with ease using Dazzly to maximize the value of that content.

In conclusion, smart, forward-thinking small business owners are looking towards having their own internal staff use website management software systems to free up their time and let their creative capabilities flow and prosper for the betterment of their business in 2022. No longer do non-technical staff need to spend endless agonizing hours questioning their career choices are they attempt to configure web servers and ‘bring the email back online’ – Dazzly does it all for you.