The team at dazzly are passionate about helping all American businesses connect with their customers and expand their brand and presence.

We get especially excited when we get a new influx of rural customers or people running small businesses from the lesser known parts of the country.

The truth is that there are many shining star businesses that are out in the rural regions and they have difficulty reaching the eyes and ears of all their potential customers around the country.

Creating a website is seen as a large step and accompanied with a large price tag, which means risk and a large time commitment.

However, our team at dazzly are helping to change that perspective as we bring more rural small businesses on-board to the process of using and enjoying updating their websites with the dazzly website builder.

New rural business customers almost always notice an immediate up-tick in their website traffic upon having their new website recognized in search engine results. Traditionally, most rural business websites are not updated as frequently or as heavily invested in due to the fore-mentioned reasons. This is exactly why dazzly adds so much value to small rural businesses in America.

When a rural based small businesses publishes their website with dazzly, they are taking advantage of some of the latest web development technologies and infrastructure that is available on the market today. An dazzly website page is structured to rank well and likely contains features that their competition cannot access on their antiquated platforms.

In this case – something is much better than nothing – but a website made with the dazzly website builder is FAR better than nothing.

By taking advantage of the latest technologies at dazzly you can effectively skip the queue in getting your website ranking well in search engines, without having to put in a ton of your time, hence this is such a good opportunity for rural small businesses.

The best performance (in terms of sales and lead generation) comes when you choose a niche service to feature on your website. Take for example a cleaner we recently completed a website for who works in a small remote town. Instead of just offering the typical home and office cleaning, they also took our advice and promoted their lesser-known service of moving out cleans. Because they have a high performing website, with a couple of paragraphs of unique content, in a low competition area, showcasing a niche service, they are immediately propelled to the top of local search results and are reaping the benefits in terms of website leads.

Another recent example is an electrician working in the Richeport area who is reaping the rewards for promoting his less prominent service of fixing a particular type of appliance that is less common but beloved. Within a few weeks he has received several work inquiries just related to this service and has had someone refer another customer to him – all from spending a bit of time one afternoon to put an dazzly website online!

TIPS for your first dazzly website – particularly for rural based businesses:

1.       Mention your location / service area on every page of your website

a.       If you service the Richeport region, mention it and put it in the page Title too.

2.       Promote your standard services but also include niche services

a.       Use the words your customers would search, not the specific technical jargon

3.       Take a photo using your mobile phone of the town centre or a landmark

a.       Take several and pick the nicest photo

4.       Write a small amount of writing for each page and try make it personal

a.       Keep it simple is the best approach

5.       Offer free quotes and assessments where possible

We promise you that you can make a website using dazzly. If you’ve spent a minute or two to read this article then we recommend taking the next step and dip your toe in the waters of a better way to make a rural business website with dazzly – – Choose a Template and Get Started Now!