Site Constructors – Top 10 Questions and Considerations:

When deciding which platform to use to create a website it is important that you consider many factors such as these listed below. Without further ado, lets take a look at the list:

#1 – You need your site constructor to be very easy to use because this is a self-driven process, and it is unlikely that you will have an intermediate or advanced knowledge of IT.

#2 – The process cannot be extremely slow or too arduous. If it is, you’ll lose interest and focus, and the perceived cost of the task increases over time. Let alone the scope of the site to be constructed.

#3 – How old is the site constructor tool? Are they using the latest website design technologies, and do they offer ecommerce store builder capabilities in addition to service website templates?

#4 – What are the costs involved in using the site constructor? Is there an annual discount? Does the plan include domain registration, or do you have to do that with another external provider?

#5 – What are the core competencies of the business? Do they have a background in business themselves or have they just done IT work? Will they understand my [insert nature of business] business?

#6 – Does the site constructor tool work for me as a practical business solution? Is it able to carry out all my needs? Do I need to call their support each time I wish to change my site?

#7 – Can you construct and maintain your website from your mobile device or do you need to go back to your home or office to update the website?

#8 – How does the tool interact or address website SEO needs?

#9 – What image or video compression is used and what else is done to make the websites run fast, even on iPhone or Android on a data connection?

#10 – Does the site constructor offer any additional help or support above being a useful tool and meeting the basic requirements? Is there a contact email address, phone number, support form or live chat?

Site Constructors – 10 Reasons to Consider Using Dazzly To Build Your Business Site

#1 – Dazzly is extremely easy to use to construct your business site.

#2 – Dazzly is very fast to create and launch your business site.

#3 – Dazzly uses the latest website technologies. Our hosting infrastructure is world-class. Our development team continuously innovates on both fronts. We release updates weekly.

#4 – Dazzly is a very cost-efficient method to construct a website – with only one low monthly fee. Our Pay Yearly plan offers a generous discount and includes your first-year domain registration! We also offer custom domain email hosting to round-out our offering. This can be requested from within the Dazzly interface.

#5 – Dazzly understands your business. Whether its construction or crepe cooking – we help businesses all over the USA with their website building and management needs.

#6 – Dazzly is made for non-IT people. We understand the pains of going back-and-forth with your IT or ‘website guy’. With Dazzly, everything you need to update and maintain your website is available through a simple login.

#7 - Dazzly is a mobile website builder. This means you can take photos, videos and capture other content directly from your phone and put it straight on your website – all from your phone, tablet, or other mobile device!

#8 – Dazzly is smart. Each time you re-publish your website, in the background, Dazzly is reconstructing your website and repackaging the various website information you’ve entered efficiently and strategically to give you the best possible website visibility.

#9 – Dazzly websites perform well. Whether it is for website visibility (generating job leads) or professional representation, you will be taken care of with any template from our range. Even with a video background and tons of content, your website will load at high speed and look great on customer’s mobile devices.

#10 – Dazzly wants to help businesses first and foremost. We only succeed if our customers succeed, so we do our best to setup each customer on the right track at the very outset of their online journey. By choosing to use Dazzly as your business site constructor you will also be entitled to a free session where we can review your website together and ensure everything is off to a good start. We’ll also give you some simple tasks and tips to check-on from time-to-time to help ensure you’re keeping ahead of your local competition.

With a no-credit card required, free trial, why not give Dazzly a go and find out just how much easier we’ve made the process of building a website. It’s a truly revolutionary software and we hope you give it a go and come on board and joining our growing group of satisfied customers using our site constructor to succeed online!