When we created Dazzly, we didn’t initially have small start-up businesses in mind. The traditional nature of our client base focused around many industries, with businesses new and old, but never any that would be considered a small business start up in the modern sense. It is ironic, as that is exactly what Dazzly is.

There are many start up businesses created each year. In the USA, the World Economic forum suggests that entrepreneurship and business applications are levelling off in the early 2022’s (https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/02/new-business-application-data-show-us-entrepreneurship-has-leveled-off/) – this doesn’t mean that it won’t begin to accelerate again soon with the pandemic easing.

Do you need a small business start up website? Or looking for a website presence that will tick all the boxes whilst you’re still deep in research and development or the pre-revenue phase of your start up? Look no further.

Dazzly has helped many entrepreneurs build small business start up websites using our software. Generally speaking, from our experience, small business start up websites are either very comprehensively detailed or extremely minimal, which is difficult to envision, because they are polar opposites. Many times, the verbosity of the website content is determined by the stage at which the company is willing to reveal details about its staff, brand and ultimately its operations.

We have found that many early stage businesses prefer to use an extremely minimal, often only single-page website, just to have “something online” that looks professional and works on desktop and mobile devices. More of a digital point-of-reference or digital business card than a fully functioning website. Often with a minimal contact enquire form or email marketing subscription sign-up box.

No matter what your needs, when it comes to finding an excellent website template for your small business start up website, Dazzly has many options to choose from.

Quick & Easy – our time-tested single-page website template that can be built in under 5 minutes (3 if you’re really well prepared). You can feature staff, and with several places to put text, you can provide a short introduction to your start up business, or none at all.

eCommerce Store 2 – when you need to open an online store, we have the easiest option on the market. You can create an eCommerce website from your phone, upload photos, videos, product descriptions and start selling right away with the ability to take credit-card payments and accept PayPal payments from the get-go.

Service Warrior 1 & 2 – if you’re running a new construction business and are looking for a website builder that accompanies tradesmen, then Dazzly is also for you. Service Warrior 1 & 2 are the perfect templates to show-case your innovative services and entice prospective enquiries with our mobile-friendly optimized website and quote forms – perfect for small start up businesses.

Coming Soon – this just makes so much sense for the undercover or not-yet-formulated start up business that wants to get the ball rolling on their website presence. You can launch this website whilst toasting to the start of an amazing entrepreneurial journey today because this website simply involves selecting a background and pressing publish – all the work is done for you. It even supports video background which look fantastic and work in really well with the overall minimalistic website design theme.

In conclusion, when looking for a small business start up website, Dazzly is a fantastic option, if you’re pre-revenue or lacking funding, we offer a 14-day free trial, with no-credit card required, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Dazzly a try for your start up’s online presence today! We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping to professional represent your business online with our professional website builder and website hosting services.