What are Website Management Software Systems (WMSS)?

A website management software system is a comprehensive piece of software that helps business owners and staff manage all aspects of their business website and online presence. In-order to make such an ambitious, cloud-based solution to many small business owner’s digital dilemmas, it was vital to build several subsystems to handle the variety of tasks associated with website management.

Dazzly is a modern website management software that is comprised of several subsystems. This article will discuss some of these systems in a small level of detail so you can understand exactly how many different processes and procedures have been automated to make website management a breeze. The systems we will discuss in this article are the website design software system, SEO system, performance management, visitor tracking and auditing software, as well as website security software subsystems.

Each system has its own place under a comprehensive umbrella of programs, and we’ll explore each of these individually and then comment on their connections below.

Website Design Software

Whether you have a traditional drag-and-drop interface or use something more mobile and user-friendly such as a form-based website builder, any WMSS should be able to make the process of editing and re-publishing your website extremely easy and ideally not technically arduous. The most modern website management software tools will have mobile-access even for publishing day-to-day content or other maintenance tasks.

Website SEO Software

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of ensuring your website can be visible in local searches online. While there is a short SEO checklist of things you need to ensure you carry out, the most important thing is having a basic understanding of how search engines and ranking works so that you can write articles that aren’t only attractive and interesting, but also technically are setup well to proliferate online.

Within Dazzly, there are many individual processes that go into how you the content you provide is packaged, rendered, and ultimately displayed on your website (as well as represented to search indexes upon indexing). Where feasible, we have automated the process of converting your content in to specialized search snippets and we place key text in just-the-right places to help you get a head start in competing against the local competition online.

However, with the knowledge, you can go a lot further. You needn’t allocate a monthly advertising budget just yet, keep researching new trends and discuss with your latest customer why they purchased your service. Use these stores, minus the customer’s personal details, to help attract other people online who are experiencing similar concerns within your service or delivery area.

Website Performance Test & Auditing Software

The arena of website testing is another that is divided between goals related to both technical IT and commercial marketing. In this instance, these goals are aligned, as search engines typically associate good website performance with a more reputable domain and this can influence how widely seen your content is within local searches.

Website Performance Testing Software is typically concerned with ensuring the loading time (speed), usability (accessibility), mobile friendliness and search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines have been followed. Without needing to specify a list of third-party website testing providers, you can simply run a Lighthouse Test from within Chrome Browser on your computer to get a snapshot comparison of the above metrics. This is an extremely convenient way to get an at-a-glance picture of technical performance to measure two websites against. We challenge you to measure the performance of a Dazzly customer’s website!

The other area of performance testing is concerned with ensuring that the user experience, arrangement of content on the website, and ultimately, the timing and method of lead generation, is resulting in a satisfactory level of website visitors making business enquiries. Software such as Google Analytics (which Dazzly integrates with) is key to measure these performance numbers. As a small business, you may not need to overly obsess with this, but it does pay dividends to review it from time-to-time to find out which content you’re writing is attracting the most views (impressions) in your local search market. This is exactly the sort of information you’d expect to see within a website management software system that distinguishes it from just another website builder.

Website Security Software

Each subsystem is managed by the overriding system that connects to the user interface, cleanly keeping the working details and mechanics of the system under the hood and abstracted away with some easy-to-fill-in textboxes, as well as image and video uploaders. From inputting this simple content our software essentially generates the SEO variables and the website design, then optimizes it and deploys it into production on our website hosting servers. This is then made available to you as a preview link to review and continue to edit until you’re happy with the website design and wish to join a paid plan.

We hope you have enjoyed reading in a bit more depth about our Website Management Software System (WMSS) and we look forward to writing more in-depth articles on this topic and other related ones soon too.