/ Support / FAQ / How do I change my Map Image on my website?

In-order to change the Map Image on your website you need to change the position of the Map Latitude and Map Longitude values on your website back-end. This is simple but it takes a few extra steps compared to making other changes – we’re sure you’ll be OK. Please do the following:

  1. Visit https://maps.google.com
  2. Type in the Address (where you want your Map Location to be on your website) into the ‘Address Bar’ (e.g: 1250 Dominion Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland)
  3. Note that Google Maps will now display a Map Marker on that location on the map
  4. Right click on the Map Marker position
  5. Click ‘What’s Here’
  6. Note that the co-ordinates (Latitude and Longitude) will now appear at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click the co-ordinates (underlined in red)
  8. You can now see the co-ordinates larger on the left-hand-side of your screen:
  9. In this example the values are:
  10. Map Latitude: -36.903513
  11. Map Longitude: 174.742426
  12. Go to the URL https://app.dazzly.co.nz
  13. Login using your Username (email address) and Password
  14. Click on ‘Edit Website’ (or ‘Website‘’)
  15. Scroll down the page until you find the section ‘General Settings’
  16. Click ‘Map Latitude’ and enter the value found in Step #9
  17. Click the Blue Button ‘Save Changes’
  18. Click ‘Map Longitude’ and enter the value found in Step #9
  19. Click the Blue Button ‘Save Changes’
  20. Be sure to publish your changes so that everyone can see them!
  21. Be sure to check your website following updating the Map Latitude and Longitude to ensure it is displaying correctly.