/ Support / FAQ / How Do I Change My Website Template?

* Please note that before changing your template we recommend that you open a seperate text document and save all of your website information and images to ensure that you're able to quickly re-enter this information - changing templates does not preserve the information you've already entered on a previous template *

Changing your website template in Dazzly is easy.

You can access the 'Change Template' button from within the Dashboard or Website menus.

Under Dashboard, there is a link that says 'Change Template' - simply click this and you will be shown a visual menu of the available website templates that you can switch to.

Under Website, there is a blue button that says 'Change Template' - simply click this and you will be presented with the same menu.

Click on the image of the template you wish to change to and then hit the blue button in the bottom-right hand corner.

Please allow a moment or two for processing and then you should be able to edit your new website template (and publish it) from within the website menu.

We hope you enjoy using Dazzly website builder. We encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns about any of the above or if you'd like just to talk to a human to get some guidance. 0800 122 090 - support@dazzly.co.nz