/ Support / FAQ / My domain provider offers free websites - why shouldn't I go with them?

When purchasing related services it is often desirable to use one provider to manage all services, and traditionally this did make sense with websites too. However, website (or web) technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace and now there is a large discrepancy between the level of service you will receive and the quality of the website, and the website hosting, that you will be provided with depending on the website provider (or domain provider) you choose to use to make your website.

At dazzly websites we’re continually updating the underlying technology to ensure it is up to date with the latest recommend website standards and technologies. These changes are applied to each and every customer website that is deployed (now and in the future) – ensuring you’re up to date and using the latest – without any additional cost, fuss or down-time.

Further to the above, our staff at dazzly websites are really passionate about business and business websites, as well as putting an emphasis on listening to the customer and customer service – this isn’t something domain providers are typically known for being excellent at and it isn’t usually where their primary focus is. To them, websites are just an ‘addon service’. For us, websites are the heart and soul of dazzly and also our traditional high-end website consulting business – we live and breathe websites – that is why we’re confident we are the best option for you.

Unlike other business services, choosing a website provider isn’t an apples-for-apples situation. The results vary greatly and do not correlate with the cost of the service. Another advantage of dazzly is that you get to build and use the website you have created (including sharing your free URL with others so they can view it too) without incurring any cost – ie: at no risk!

No risk of dissatisfaction of a web design disagreement, no risk of finding out you’ve got a slow or inadequate website – no risk at all!

If you’re still unsure on which website builder or web design provider to use please give our friendly team a call on 0800 122 090 and we can discuss your business situation and find the best option for you.