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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool by Google that allows you to add tracking tags and code snippets to your website without requiring technical knowledge. As a small business owner, you can use GTM to implement various tracking and marketing tools, such as Google Analytics open external link icon, Facebook Pixel open external link icon, and AdWords open external link icon

time required 10-15 minutes

If you haven't already, please make sure you have signed up to a monthly or annual plan in order to proceed with connecting to Tag Manager. View our pricing page for more information.

  1. Sign-in to Google Tag Manager

    Firstly, login to Tag Manager open external link icon

    screenshot showing the google login page
    Signin with your Google account
  2. Create an Account

    Click the 'Create Account' button and enter an Account Name and select your country. Enter your website as the Container Name and select Web as the type. Click the Create button and agree to the terms.

    dashboard page for tag manager accounts
    Create a new Account
    create account screen in tag manager
    Enter your Account Name, Country, Container Name and Type
  3. Get the Container Id

    Once the Container has been created we can find the Container Id.

    tag manager container snippet
    The Container Id is in the format: GTM-XXXXXXXX
    tag manager container dashboard page
  4. Save the Container Id into Dazzly

    Enter/copy the Container Id into the Tag Manager Container Id field in Dazzly and press Save changes.

    dazzly menu showing container id field
    On the Website page in Dazzly, scroll down to General Settings and find the Tag Manager Id.
    dazzly ui container id input field
    Paste the Container Id into the input field and Save.
  5. Publish your website

    Make sure to Publish your website. You can now add and manage any website tags within Tag Manager without needing to update your website.
    Learn more about Tag Manager open external link icon

    publish changes in tag manager
    Publish Changes to enable the Tag Manager connection.