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Building your first Ecommerce website with dazzly website builder. A guided tutorial.

A short video demonstrating how simple it is to create an ecommerce website to sell your products and promote your business online.

The Ecommerce Store template is perfect for at-home businesses, small businesses or anyone that wishes to sell their products and wares online. Ecommerce Store template offers a high-quality, multi-page website with areas for company information, checkout and of course support for cash payments, bank transfer, delivery, click & collect, as well as credit card payments. This video will guide you through setting up the initial website and products. As you will see there is no for IT or design skills, many New Zealanders are choosing dazzly to open their first online store, it is as simple as sending an email or filling out a short form! Join dazzly co-founder Lewis Anderson for a quick demonstration of how easy it is to get up and running today. No up-front payment or credit-card required to create your website. Dazzly is an example of good old fashioned kiwi know-how-can-do in a high-technology environment. In this example we will create an ecommerce website for a soap and scents company.

Dazzly offers free support - (+64) 0800 122 090 - NZ based. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions about getting a website for your business.