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This talk was written to help Small New Zealand businesses with talking and writing about their business. Demonstrating websites and cold-calling as marketing techniques.

Hosted by Anamari Fanthorpe of Digital Boost NZ and presented by Lewis Anderson of Dazzly - 'How To Write And Talk About Your Business' was written to help businesses in New Zealand overcome any worries they may have about writing or talking about their business. The talk focused on the mediums of the cold-call (talk) and the website (write) and discussed general principles and ideas that can applied across a variety of businesses (B2B, B2C, Product and Service). The talk also included anecdotes and experiences from client's and from Lewis's journey with his business partner Marcus Feeney in building up their custom website consulting and development firm. Copies of the slides are available on the https://www.dazzly.co.nz website. Our friendly kiwi team are ready to discuss your particular worry, concern or hesitation over writing content for your business or creating a website - feel free to give us a call on 0800 122 090 to discuss your specific situation. If you need a website be sure to give Dazzly a whirl - you can build a high-quality website in your own home or office right now - https://www.dazzly.co.nz - suitable for service businesses or those wanting to sell products online. Free trial, no credit-card required, we are the best option for a New Zealand business website builder. Call our support team in-advance of using our software to find out more about how we can help you. 0800 122 090 support@dazzly.co.nz https://www.dazzly.co.nz