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How to add a payment method and subscribe to dazzly

A short video demonstrating how to sign-up for a paid account through dazzly. Signing up for a paid account is required in-order to further configure your ecommerce website and to connect to a paid domain (.co.nz, .com or other custom domain). Note that you can register your domain within dazzly which automates the connection process (highly recommended) and ensures your desired domain name is secured. Guided by Lewis Anderson, co-founder of dazzly websites, you will be shown how to browse to the Account menu, input your payment information and how to select a monthly or annual plan. We welcome you to the dazzly website builder, it is free to try, we hope you are interested and wish to join our many New Zealand customers in making their own websites!

Dazzly offers free support - (+64) 0800 122 090 - NZ based. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions about getting a website for your business.