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How to add a logo to your website. The first of our short instructional videos showing how easy it is to use the dazzly website builder.

An instructional video demonstrating how easy it is to add a logo to your dazzly website. Includes voice-over.


Adding a Logo to your enchant website is really easy!

1. First browse to https://app.dazzly.co.nz

2. Enter your Email Address and your Password and hit the 'Login' button

3. Now you're in the Dashboard so go and click on 'Website' on the left-hand menu

4. Click 'Add a Logo'

5. Select a file from your computer

6. Click 'Save Changes'

7. and now we go to the menu to publish the changes to the website, hit 'Publish'

8. Click 'Publish Now'.. and we're done!