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Support video demonstrating how to add a business address to your dazzly website with voice-over.

An instructional video demonstrating how easy it is to add a business address your dazzly website. Includes voice-over.


How to Add your Business Address to your website

  1. Browse to https://app.dazzly.co.nz
  2. Login using your Email Address and your Password and then simply hit the 'Login' button
  3. Go to 'Website' on the left-hand-side menu to edit your website
  4. We're looking for 'Main Contact Address' which is just down
  5. We'll now type in the address, in this case it is 1250 Dominion Road.
  6. Google will suggest an address for us - that will be verified.
  7. Click 'Save Changes'
  8. Go across to 'Publish' on the left-hand menu
  9. Click 'Publish Now'