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10 Steps To Get Online With America’s Free Website Builder

Paying someone to make you a website is such a hassle. It's time-consuming, expensive, and involves juggling jargon that you don’t understand and don’t want to bother your IT person with. In this guide, we will present 10 simple steps that will not only allow you to build a website for free but will do so using a piece of software that is working for people all across the country!

Visit the dazzly website and sign up for your website template. For service businesses, we encourage you try first try our Service Warrior 2 template. For eCommerce businesses, we highly recommend that you start with eCommerce Store 2, which is our premiere ecommerce website template.
Simply give dazzly your business name, photos of your work, and some basic information about you and what your business is about.
With the Live Preview window, the website will form in-front of your eyes as you input basic information about your Products or Services.
Toggle between a mobile-phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and even a full-screen preview to ensure that the website design that you have built for free is going to look good on common devices.
Congratulations – at this step you have made a responsive website design for free that is working on many devices! In-order to get a domain name and launch your website using dazzly, you will now need to join an extremely affordable paid plan option.
Now that you have used the free website builder to create a web design, it is time to get a domain name so that people can reach your website. Within dazzly, there is a ‘Domains’ menu, you can simply search for your desired .com or other domain name and register it all in one place.
With your domain name secured and attached, the website will launch promptly – sit back and wait – when the website is live it will let you know within dazzly (typically just a few minutes on a new domain!).
Be sure to review any email templates, business cards, letterheads or any other stationery you use and update it to contain your website URL so that your customers can view your website.
Spread the word on online communities and spread your knowledge and expertise by writing articles on your own website that would interest your customers and make you appear more reputable to search engines for your given profession.
From time-to-time, take a look at your competitors websites and see how you stack up against them. Is your website generating leads for a particular type of work or is it helping you to sell your home-made products? If not, you can use dazzly to look a bit deeper and control your website destiny – don’t worry, as always with dazzly, we make websites easy.

We hope this guide has been helpful for walking you through the 10 steps to get online and start delivering results across all of the United States.

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Free trials and evaluation periods

Why is it valuable for website builders to offer a free/evaluation version of their software? To find out, let's look at the state of the market as well as the primary customer demographic of these services.

Many website builders will need you to input a credit-card number to activate your 'free trial'. Too often charging you a 'test' or 'validation' transaction. This is aimed to psychologically tie the customer into the transaction, before they may be ready or comfortable. Most customers, and in particular, small businesses, prefer a try-before-you-buy approach where possible. The above approach makes them feel uneasy. This isn't ideal when the process of getting a website is already not first-nature to most people.

Every business understands the value of gaining another customer. It often makes sense to offer a free trial or evaluation, before asking the user to commit. It also allows them to see exactly how it will work and produce value for their business. Additionally, you get to see the website design come together yourself (very important).

By not placing more barriers between the customer and the purchase decision, an evaluation, or free version of the software will help get the word out and allow others to try the software. In 2024, this sort of word-out-mouth marketing, combined with social media, can lead to a lot of people getting to try building a website themselves. This brand-awareness push has an exponential effect in the long-run and can end up being one of the largest drivers of new sign-ups.

With more customers on-boarding, there will naturally be more feedback. This is a good thing from the website builder company's point-of-view as it allows them to gather this feedback to further improve the service.

Offering a free version also warms-up a customer and with a less pushy approach, can help build a foundation of trust in the platform. A free website builder software company doesn't have to be a giant corporation, often they are run by small teams that have a strong passion for small business and love to be contacted by their customers, even just to discuss difficulties, challenges or recent wins in their business (we certainly do!).

When it comes to eCommerce websites, there are many specific requirements that each small business requires. With service-based businesses, the requirements are often very similar. In which case you'd be well suited with any of our service or single-page website templates.

Due to the above reasons and an underlying confidence in their product, free website builder platforms such as dazzly will allow you to use the software entirely free to create a fantastic website design right before your eyes. It only takes a matter of minutes, and it can be all done on your mobile phone, so there's no reason not to give our free website building experience a try today!