“There are printers, designers, agencies, creative shops, and now there’s even digital agencies, data scientists & start-ups. It was all quite a bit to take in.”

Geoff, Texas

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Why people look to Geoff as their local community website maker

Geoff started his career in the print industry. He still sees relics of those days recognizable in today’s digital developed world. However, unlike the majority of those who were enthusiastic about the printing press craft, Geoff was more concerned with the content of the articles, illustrations and eventually the photos that came to accompany them.

With an additional passion for illustrations and artistic pursuits, Geoff established himself as the go-to guy for local illustration and graphic design work. From small drawings and conceptual sketches, through to comical and sometimes even portrait drawings. Geoff is a natural craftsman, and the word was spreading.

Although, like most in the print industry, Geoff was at first resistant to the digital tools of the modern age, it was an urging from his son that would lead him down the path of being a forward-thinking adopter of modern web technologies. Having now moved to Dallas, Texas and attending a local intermediate school, his son was tasked with a homework assignment to make a website for educational purposes.

“We searched and found some businesses that we had heard of before, but we also had zero experience and didn’t realize that I would need existing graphics design and computer skills”. Because we knew businesses here in Texas had been having a hard time, we wanted to use a local website making tool because we didn’t have worldly aspirations and we knew if we got stuck that someone would be on the other end of the phone, “Needless to say we were pretty competitive for a homework assignment” Geoff adds.

The first software that we tried using was a multi-national company under the guise of a Texas branded business. Once we had access to the tool it was obvious that this wasn’t made for us and it made a website that looked like something generic, it was full of obvious stock imagery, “it looked fake”.

Then, towards the end of an evening, Geoff stumbled upon Dazzly website builder. “The process of getting started was very simple and I loved how it took the colors from my business logo to use on the website. From my printing days, I could imagine how their software was deciding what colors to use, it was genuinely innovative, it intrigued me”. Within two evenings, Geoff and Tidus would have their website up and running with Dazzly.

Having successfully presented the website design to his class and receiving a good score, Geoff put his short stint as a website maker behind him and continued his daily routine but deep down he knew that he should be considering changes if he wanted to keep ahead, but like most peoples’ lives, Geoff got busy again.

Many months later Geoff was at a function at a local alehouse and an acquaintance of his was discussing the hassle and trouble that colleagues at his office had when their website was upgraded and re-developed by a small business website design outfit. He complained of them using a lot of modern lingo on top of all the technical lingo one would unfortunately expect to encounter. Clearly there were some staffing issues which was causing communication issues and stalling the project, they clearly weren’t having a good time by having to repeat themselves to new people at every meeting.

Geoff interrupted him and explained the story of how they had tackled his son’s school homework website project. The acquaintance, Ben, was interested, as they were still in the “design stage” with this website firm and knew that there was an opportunity to back out at minimal cost, an option they had already been seriously considering.

Ben preferred to use a tablet computer due to his eye-sight, so he pulled it out from his bag and loaded the Dazzly website. They found a copy of Ben’s accounting firm logo in his Inbox and uploaded that into Dazzly. Within 15 minutes and a glass of tap beer they had completed the draft website design and published a preview URL for them to privately review. “That is when I began to realize, I might be on to something here. I had just produced a real result, meeting a real small business need, with minimal time and effort, really only a small amount of content and a logo graphic. This was a real problem being faced by businesses here and probably across the country”.

After watching some motivational videos and building up a bit of courage. The next morning Geoff started cold-calling local businesses in his area, that were often without websites nor had the capability to build their own (as far as they knew). While the first warm-up calls weren’t perfect, within a small amount of time people were warming to the idea and by mid-day he had several productive conversations with local businesses. Within a week he had meetings lined-up with several businesses. His suspicions were seemingly being confirmed by their stories of dealing with other providers and platforms.

In the year that followed, Geoff was able to establish many businesses in his town with high-quality website designs that he made himself, with them, at their premises. Geoff is able to charge a fair price for his time and guidance to small businesses in his area to help them, in-person or virtually over Zoom (since the lockdown), to build a website on-the-spot with Dazzly.

Geoff now helps many businesses, including Ben’s accounting firm and we at Dazzly look forward to being able to provide them with an even greater range of high quality website designs.

This is the story about how Geoff became known as the local “website maker” man, using Dazzly website building technology.

We hope you enjoyed this story and we hope you can use our tool to help many businesses in your local area. Remember, no business too early, no business too small, please contact us directly because WE WILL HELP YOU. Helping small businesses is our #1 priority and we’re true to our brand promise. Contact us and we’ll prove it.

“The process of getting started was very simple and I loved how it took the colors from my business logo to use on the website. From my printing days, I could imagine how their software was deciding what colors to use, it was genuinely innovative, it intrigued me”

Geoff, Texas

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Quick and Easy template screenshots

Service Warrior 2

Built for service-based businesses, Service Warrior 2 is a visually stunning multi-page website adapted to suit your requirements, from sole traders to large companies this website will come out looking sharp.

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The latest website maker that American entrepreneurs are taking advantage of

How are individual entrepreneurs improving their ability to get loans, grants and other input from key decision makers in their business plans? How did they discover that improving one fundamental part of your businesses marketing, regardless of the industry, decision makers or general plan, could make such a big difference in their first operating year? This article discusses an effective “shortcut” accessible to anyone, to effectively represent themselves, their business, services or products and overall value proposition – by making high-quality, professional websites available to anyone, in their home, with just their keywords and a mobile phone.

What Chloe found was that, a team of IT experts had created a disruptive tool that effectively removed the painful parts of the website making process and replaced it with a very simple, straight-forward tool that anyone can use and covers about 95% of small business website needs.

Chloe was directed to Dazzly from a friendly local artist who suggested that, while the company was new, the founders had a solid background and were primarily motivated to help small businesses with making their websites, rather than simply making profit.

By skipping all the time-consuming meetings, expensive up-front deposits (or in some cases the entire website project cost up-front), Chloe, like many other local artists and entrepreneurs, has been able to design, develop and publish their own website to represent their business plan.

“ I didn’t expect to find a free website maker, I thought that even getting to the ‘design stage’ of a website project would be expensive”

Chloe, Entrepreneur

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By joining Dazzly you’re joining a family of entrepreneurial, aspirational New Zealanders that are trying their best to work on their passions and build their businesses for the betterment of the community. Why not join forces with a positive force that is dedicated to making life easier for those starting out in business – we’ve got your back – so give our tool a whirl and get started for free.

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“Making a website with Dazzly was a breeze and with our professional email addresses we also come across much more established and serious when we first reach out to local governments for funding and input”. “We never needed all the bells and whistles. Paying a comparatively small monthly fee makes much more sense to us than thousands of dollars up-front and we called the support team during the trial – they’re based here – they’re really friendly and don’t make me feel silly for not knowing all the answers”.

This is another case of a local organization, without a large website design budget, utilizing our ground-breaking website making technology to propel their business plans ahead. For only a very small monthly fee their entire website needs are taken care of and they have the ability to update it going forward and also the confidence and support having spoken directly with the friendly support team at the Dazzly offices.

Sign up to Dazzly today – it is free to try – create a website and see how it is as simple as filling out a form or sending an email. Sign up today or share this post and tell your local collectives or community groups to use Dazzly.

Contact us now if you would like to assistance with any aspect of your website.

Resolving the misconception that DIY website makers can’t produce excellent, high-end website designs

Small business owners often ask us, “is it possible for a DIY website making tool to put together a decent website design?”. This is a good question. Historically, the online software offerings by business in this market lacked design flair, were often very restrictive and came out looking like most websites produced in their time – already dated. On the other side of the equation, you had office-style applications guiding you to publish your own website with page builders, these were workable for those with a bit more IT skill, but again using a piece of software with a poor visual design was never inspiring and the websites that were produced reflected this.

Hence a reputation or misconception developed during this time that has persisted into todays discussions - the myth that a DIY website tool could not make a visually stunning, appealing and modern website design.

This myth was further advanced by the second generation of companies that offered more online website creation tools, often resorting to static underlying website layouts but with the ability to drag-and-drop content overtop – with little restriction. In the case of users that had existing graphic design and artistic abilities, they were able to put together websites that were on-par or exceeding those made by professional website designers at the time. So, for a time that myth was fading, but due to the ever-advancing speed of technologies, particularly website development languages, that once again these businesses once again found themselves behind the web design trend that perpetually marched forward.

Then things began to stagnate. The myth perpetuated and no businesses entered the market, no development was spurred, and although there were some quality ecommerce making software being developed at this time, no-one was advancing the front-end or professional website design templates. There had been a strong shift of interest from online DIY web systems towards offline content management system (CMS) based systems. These required a small amount of skill in a few areas of IT (all of which could be acquired from a few days researching and purchasing time with a low-budget website hosting provider) and these were, sufficient, for the time-being it seemed.

Not much innovation was made in this space, users as well as aspiring and budding website designers, artists and entrepreneurs all flocked to using such content management systems despite their requirement for some IT skill and training. The website designs were very rigid and putting in addons or further requirements was often time-consuming, painful and expensive. Content management systems were very limiting and although these aspirational web businesses thought they were delivering top-notch work it was more a case of ‘good enough’ and in some cases ‘infuriating’ to the business owners who did not like these solutions. They did not like the difficulty of updating their website and did not like the constant failings of their website going offline or error messages encountered by their customers when completing common tasks (such as submitting a website inquiry) – all in all, they weren’t happy and the new web businesses didn’t see a problem with it. So nothing changed. What do you expect when you try to build something fancy with extra features on a poor foundation – just like a house – it won’t be a great finish.

“We couldn't understand how it was possible that our new Dazzly website was outperforming a website we had spent thousands on. Now we're better informed and on the right track.”

Scott & Fiona, Southland

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All while this was happening, a small team of experienced Auckland website designers, software developers and IT infrastructure experts could see a different vision, they took their skills, moved their efforts away from existing satisfied clients and focused all their spare time and effort possible in developing a revolution in website making and web design technologies. After many years of software development, they released Dazzly website builder – bringing back the online approach everyone loves – with simple but beautiful looking forms. Backed by unprecedented new technologies under the hood – from the highest-end, professional website designers and developers available to the every-day small business owners who need to get a website made. No longer were these technologies restricted to the highest budget businesses, but through the software and infrastructure genius of Dazzly website builder they can be shared by all users across the world!

Now it is very clear that using Dazzly you can create an extremely high-quality website design, without any prior design or artistic skills and certainly without any advanced IT skills. The friendly development team at Dazzly have done the hard work for you. Not only can you now get an excellent design from a DIY website tool but it is all covered for one low monthly fee. The myth has been proven wrong, the curse removed, Dazzly is illuminating the truth of what levels of website you can achieve when you build your website on a very strong foundation. Our team have have dedicated our lives to understanding every aspect of computers and this software is our gift to all small businesses, a genuine generational leap in good old fashioned number 8 wire DIY website design building technology.

Try Dazzly today – free to try.

Start your website today and spread the word!

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